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100 Ways to Make Money as a Kid, Teenager, or Youth.


In a society filled with abundant opportunities, making money as a child or teenager is possible. Opportunities abound online and offline through which kids can make a sizeable income daily.

Though there are job recommendations for kids based on their age, consideration has to be given to the passion, skills, and interests of the individual child.

Jobs ranging from paid chores, selling crafts, tutoring, and a whole lot more can be considered for children of all ages.

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In this article, we will be looking at a variety of ways through which kids can earn money.

Let’s dive in

What are the Benefits of Earning Money?

  • Development of work ethic

Teenagers develop skills through engaging in work. They can learn the value of team spirit, follow instructions effectively, and show empathy to others within their work environment.

  • Financial management

Earning money provides kids with basic financial management skills. These skills developed over time will make them good financial decision-makers in adulthood.  They are also taught the value of saving and investing from an early stage of life.

  • Exposure to the society

Making money at the early stage of life exposes teens and kids to the real world. These ventures engage in provide them with the opportunity to learn essential skills like communication, time management, problem-solving, budgeting, and customer service.

  • Boost confidence

The successful completion of a work task builds the confidence and self-esteem of the participants and gives them a sense of accomplishment.

  • Discover passion

Working part-time is an effective way for kids to discover their passions, and interests and develop the right skills. These jobs done in their spare time can become the pathway to a great career in adulthood.

  • Lessen the financial burden on guardians

Earning money as a teenager or youth will help in reducing the financial burden on your parents. It makes them see you as responsible and able to cater for some of your expenses. This will however boost the respect that your siblings have towards you.

Ways to Earn

  1. Work at a supermarket or store

Working as a cashier or sales associate in a store or supermarket will earn you a sizeable amount of income. You will also learn to develop good communication and customer skills which will be useful in your future endeavors.

  1. Work at a juice, coffee, or smoothie

Juice, coffee, and smoothie stores hire baristas frequently to make and serve drinks to customers. Tips usually given to servers are an additional source of income.

  1. Clothing store

If you enjoy shopping, then you can consider becoming a sales associate. As an employee of a clothing departmental store, you are likely to get special discounts on personal purchases. This will save some money and also improve your wardrobe.

  1. Babysitting

This is a job that is enjoyable for kids and teenagers as they do not need to scout for jobs.

Babysitting can be done by children who are 11 years and above. Spreading the word around the neighborhood about the availability of your kid to babysit is a great way of getting clients.

  1. YouTube channel.

A lot of kids are presently earning on YouTube. Videos on activities such as cooking, dancing, comedy, and singing can be posted on YouTube.

Your earnings rise as the viewership increases through good engaging content on your channel.

Ads on your channel can also be an additional means of making money as a teenager on YouTube.

  1. Online surveys

Paid online survey is a great way of earning even for kids today. These surveys can be quite interesting plus they pay participants for sharing their opinions. An example of an online survey site is Swagbucks

To make a good amount of money, you will need to engage in several surveys.

  1. Product flip

Product flipping is an easy and engaging means of making money. Flea markets, yard sales, and thrift stores are some of the best places to sell highly-priced items at an economical rate.

Though these are not new products, they can be sold after proper cleaning at a high price.

  1. Pet sitting

If you are a kid who enjoys caring for pets then you can offer services like pet walking, and washing.

Pet owners will be willing to give you a chance to cater to their pets as many consider these animals as a part of their home. You can get clients by printing fliers and spreading the word around your environment on your services.

Also, you earn some cash for yourself while doing what you enjoy.

  1. Create a blog

This is one of the latest trends in earning money. Through creating quality and engaging content you can drive traffic to your blog.

You can also earn a reasonable amount of money through affiliate marketing, ad postings, and sponsored posts on your blog.

  1. Setting up a stand

Setting up a stand to sell soda or lemonade can be a source of passive income. This is a learning opportunity to become self-employed.

Knowledge such as cost control, profit-making, customer service, and inventory management can be harnessed through this venture.

To succeed, you need to set up your stand close to a park, sports field, or relaxation center. These areas will attract more customers.

  1. Selling baked items

To earn some cash, you can bake for sale. This would improve your culinary skills and develop business management skills as well.

These baked items can be sold at a farmer’s market or in an open space.

If you don’t want to display your products in a physical space, then you can opt to create a website for bookings and supplies.

  1. Create a website.

Creating a website is quite easy with WordPress. After opening your website, ensure you provide entertaining content that will keep your audience loyal to your page.

  1. Cutting lawns

If you enjoy gardening or activities related to farming, then mowing lawns is a good opportunity to earn some cash.

This is quite easy, all you need is to inform your neighbors of your service and you start earning.

  1. Photography

This is a good option when you have a good camera and photography equipment. Taking pictures of people, nature and objects can be a source of livelihood.

Selling pictures to sites can generate a fair sum of money.

  1. Selling jewelry

If you are creative and have knowledge of making jewelry, you can sell these items online or in local stores at a fee.

  1. Be an influencer

This is an exciting and trending way youngsters are making money in today’s world. you can start by posting entertaining videos on your social media pages.

A lot of kids and teenagers are fashion influencers on Instagram. Influencer marketing is a great way of earning a good amount of money monthly.

  1. Car cleaning

Cleaning cars is an effective way of reducing teenagers’ and kids’ usage of digital equipment.

Car cleaning is not just a way of earning money but also a good source of exercise for youngsters.

Cleaning the interior of cars will add income to your service.

  1. Online tutoring

If you are good at certain subjects or courses, then you should venture into offering tutorial classes online at a fee.

Tutorial sites such as can be used at your convenience.

One of the advantages of online tutoring is gaining more knowledge while teaching.

  1. Create products

With the use of crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo, you can make your dream project a reality. All you need to do is to have an idea and place it on a crowdfunding website.

If your idea is acceptable and loved by people, then they can fund it.

Crowdfunding is an excellent way of converting your creative ideas into reality with little or no money.

  1. Freelancing

Taking up freelance jobs can be a great way for a teenager or youth to make good money. Jobs such as content writing, and typing are available online to make money from.

  1. House Sitting

You can offer to take care of a home while the occupants are away on a vacation or job. This usually involves watering plants, feeding pets, and general cleaning of the home.

All you need to do is go to the home daily to ensure that everything is secure and orderly.

  1. Handyman

If you have some form of technical skill, then doing home maintenance work in homes will be a good source of raising money for some personal needs.

  1. House cleaning

Offering to deep clean the bathrooms, bedrooms, and every part of the house can put a reasonable amount of money in your pocket.

This job can easily be gotten around your vicinity as most homeowners do not have the time due to a busy work schedule to do so.

  1. Paint fences

Fences made of wood and metal need to be painted to prevent rust. Homeowners are willing to pay anyone who can carry out this task at a fee.

If the property is rented, then you will need to contact the landlord to get the job done.

Simple Ways of Earning Money

  1. Selling of crafts.
  2. Sell puppies.
  3. Window washing.
  4. Tile cleaning.
  5. Pest control.
  6. Clean gutters.
  7. Selling flowers.
  8. Selling eggs.
  9. Fixing of decorations during festive periods.
  10. Repairing of computers.
  11. Cleaning up animal sheds.
  12. Selling of fruits and nuts.
  13. Renting out your books at a fee.
  14. Wrapping of gifts.
  15. Recycling of items.
  16. Shopping for the elderly.
  17. Babysitting
  18. Polishing shoes.
  19. Run errands around the neighborhood.
  20. Graphic designing.
  21. Making gift baskets.
  22. Scanning of old photos for people.
  23. Shoveling at a fee.
  24. Raking of leaves in autumn.
  25. Book reviewing.
  26. Cut grass and trees.
  27. Video editing.
  28. Writing of books.
  29. Making and selling of ice-cream.
  30. App development.
  31. Taking up a virtual assistant job.
  32. Make voiceovers.
  33. Building of sandboxes.
  34. Metal detecting.
  35. Selling of golf balls.
  36. Selling of valuable rocks.
  37. Chopping of firewood.
  38. Selling of water
  39. Flyer distribution.
  40. Selling of birthday cards.
  41. Making of knitwear.
  42. Collection of worn-out metals.
  43. Volunteer jobs at a fee
  44. Opening an interest-paying savings account.
  45. Video coverage.
  46. Logo designing.
  47. Create webcomics.
  48. Car oil changing at a fee.
  49. Create a raffle.
  50. Playing music in a public space.
  51. Fixing the cracked car windscreen.
  52. Selling of flotsam.
  53. Finding of lost items.
  54. Selling of pet foods.
  55. Become a golf coffer.
  56. Painting numbers on pavements.
  57. Clean boats.
  58. Make animal collars.
  59. Win contest.
  60. Walk dogs.
  61. Rent out video games.
  62. Engage in garage sales.
  63. Provide company to the elderly at a fee.
  64. Teach how to play an instrument.
  65. Teach a foreign language.
  66. Song review.
  67. Sell old toys.
  68. Website design.
  69. Social media manager.
  70. Earn through referral systems online.
  71. Do intern jobs.
  72. Be a lifeguard.
  73. Invest in stocks.
  74. Work as a swimming instructor.
  75. Offer you service as a dance instructor.
  76. Work as an event singer.


Every kid, teenager, and youth have their unique qualities and should be allowed to express themselves while learning the dignity of labor. A variety of options ranging from online jobs such as blogging, freelancing, and web design are available as well as physically engaging jobs.

These jobs help to improve the mental, physical, and communication skills of the child and can be a viable pathway to a fulfilling career in adulthood.

Most of the jobs available for youngsters do not require capital to start and so can be commenced immediately.


  1. What are the best ways of earning money as a kid?

Young kids can find jobs at home or within their locality. These jobs include simple tasks such as babysitting, walking dogs, and feeding pets at a fee.

  1. What can a teenager do to make earnings?

Tasks such as selling fruits, chocolates, stock photos, tutoring, and old items can earn a reasonable sum for teenagers.

  1. How can a youth make money?

A youth can make earnings through car rental, becoming an influencer, graphic designer, online survey, or creating an app.

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