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15 Ways to Make Money With Phone In 2022



Do you know your mobile phones can help you generate a substantial amount of income? This article will show you how to make money with phone apps and surfing the internet.

That’s just a tip of what you’ll find in this article. Do you want to experience what it feels like to make money from the comfort of your bedroom? Then make sure you read this article to the end.

#1 Becoming An Affiliate Partner

As an affiliate marketer, you are paid by Affiliate marketing platforms that help promote products and services from another merchant. In addition, you earn commissions for helping the affiliate program you are affiliated with generating sales.

However, you have to satisfy some given conditions and requirements to be accepted in these affiliate programs. The good thing is: you can become an affiliate marketer at little or no cost with no prerequisite qualifications. In addition to that, you can make huge bucks as you gain mastery of the job.


There are many additional benefits you stand to enjoy as an affiliate marketer; let’s; let’s consider some below.

  • You have the privilege of choosing from several companies which one you want to be affiliated to. You can also decide to work with multiple merchants or affiliate marketing schemes simultaneously. But we advise against it if you are new to affiliate marketing.
  • Distance is never a barrier as you can choose to work from any location of your choice. This makes it possible for students and other job employees to participate in the scheme.
  • You also get the opportunity to meet with some top business persons that can be a connection for future appointments.

As an affiliate, you can work by writing product reviews, creating promotional blog posts, and even guides for companies. You also earn commission from posts on your social media handles.

There are tons of recruiting affiliate marketing programs accessible on the internet. Some of the best rated include AWIN, CJ Affiliates, Flexoffers, Shareasale, and Amazon Affiliates.

#2 Organizing Online Classes

It’s common to find agile people with a wealth of knowledge in a certain field -some with university degrees- unemployed on the streets. But, on the other hand, you have thousands of people surfing the internet in search of information they can deliver and make some money.

Perhaps you have a skill and would love to make money by teaching people. However, you may be of the perception that you don’t know enough to start teaching people. It’s a sure bet that you know more than most people out there. You can either stay broke or get up and make money with phone.

Do you know you can connect with people that need knowledge in your field of expertise using your mobile phone? More so, you get paid for the tutorials you provide them. You can find such potential students on the internet using such platforms as and

Here are a few steps to help you get started:

  1. Check the market demand and availability of the information you want to sell. You can do this by searching Google and finding the number of posts related to the subject. Doing online surveys can help you figure that out too. Limited information on the subject and high demand are good indicators.
  2. You can then proceed to make YouTube videos or write eBooks that you can sell via your page or other sites.

#3 Create And Monetize Your YouTube Channel

Have you ever asked yourself how videos get on YouTube? They are posted by people known as YouTubers, and guess what? They earn money from their posts. You can make money ranging from a few cents to millions of dollars.

Rian is the YouTuber rated as the highest-paid with a total income of $22 million in 2018 from YouTube. You will marvel at what he posts on his channel- toy reviews. All you need to do is to own a YouTube Channel.

How To Go About It

  1. Foremost, you need to own a YouTube channel. You can then proceed to apply to the Youtube Partner Program if you want to generate some income. However, your application must be accepted before you are granted access to the program. Also, your channel has to be reviewed by certain standards to make sure they are paying creators of worthy content.
  2. Videos you post on Youtube are nothing like your WhatsApp statuses or Facebook feed. To gain a loyal and increasing audience, you have to provide useful content on any given niche. It can be prank videos, comedy skits, tech guides or reviews, etc. The catch is that whatever you post should be highly informative, educational, or entertaining.

#4 Social Media Influencing

Creating a strong social media presence is another way to make money with phone. This is not always an easy feat, as most influencers include music, football stars, and movie personalities. For example, in 2019, Cristiano Ronaldo made up to $975 thousand for every sponsored post on Instagram.

You don’t have to be a popular celebrity to create a strong online presence on social media. All you need can be a steady stream of informational posts on your social media pages. Information you post should be consistent on a particular niche and must be over a long period, say a couple of months to a year.

The easiest platforms to achieve this include Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube. These platforms are the source of fame for come influencers who are not celebrities. You can also check some ways to grow your follower base on Instagram if you want to increase the audience within your reach. You can still make money from your small audience though, just strive to grow it.

Social media influencers make money through several channels. They include sponsored post charges, online stores, ads sales, brand ambassadorship, etc.

$5 Get A Blog

People who have a passion for writing go into blogging for the fun they derive from creating content. But do you know that they can use their phones to make money from those blogs? Blogging is a popular and the oldest known way to make money with phone.

You can take advantage of several platforms, including WordPress and Shopify, to start your blog. In Shopify, you may want to avoid paying a subscription as you try to grow your blog; simply disable the checkout feature.

We recommend that you try to revolve around a specific niche as you create your content as a starter. This helps you to build substantial and steady followership. You can then extend your reach to broader topics as you get a better grip on the blogging processes. Finally, it’s worthy to note that a good design on your blog can help attract visitors and is always a good first impression.

To make money on your blog, you can include affiliate links in posts you make on the blog. Other ways include: putting ads on the blog, sponsored posts (especially for review bloggers), sales of digital products, sales of physical products, etc.

#6 Crypto and Forex Trading

Engaging in crypto trading is a very popular and lucrative way of making money with your phone. With the creation of many apps like Binance, Trust wallet, Roqqu, OctaFX, etc., that can be used on android phones; this is a big go. Foremost, you need to have some money to use as capital for your trading.

Various sites give out free coins (airdrops) to subscribers on the crypto trading aspect. After that, they just have to complete some instructions from these sites. Such instructions may include completing certain tasks using apps on their phones, which usually take a few minutes to complete.

The basic idea behind crypto trading is: purchasing coins when the prices are low, then selling them when the price increases. An average trader with adequate knowledge about the subject can make thousands of naira in a day. There are downsides to this: coins may experience a dip, making you lose some money.

There are also features like staking, which allows you to tie down some money and receive it with interests after an agreed period. Forex trading has features similar to the crypto trading discussed above but requires a certain degree of expertise to trade successfully. Paying to learn it is a worthy investment, as the results can help you amass great wealth.

#7 Creation of Android Apps

You may feel a bit left out on this if you have no experience or knowledge in coding or programming. The good news is that you can still create those apps without any programming knowledge. What’s more? You can do it with your mobile phone. allows you to create an application using your mobile phone. Once you are done with the app creation, the site generates a URL that makes a download of the app possible. You can then share the URL with your friends and on your social media handles for promotion.

You can generate income by creating apps for organizations, churches, schools, etc. A great way of gaining visibility is by uploading it on Google Play Store. You may kick against the idea of creating a free app, but it gets a higher number of downloads. You can place ads, and premium upgrade features to help you generate the desired cash flow.

#8 Twitch Video Streaming

An alternative to YouTube is Twitch, which may pay even better and run on your android phone. Although it was initially created for gamers, users have utilized it to contain various contents. So if you are a video creator, this is yet another source of money.

All you need is a good number of followers, which you can create with a considerable amount of consistency. You can boost your number of followers by engaging in Twitch chats. While you may want to engage in popular chats, it’s always nice to chat with followers engaging in your streams.

To quickly get things going on Twitch, you need to be specific and intentional about your type of streaming. For example, it could be educational, informative, or comedy, but you need to be consistent with it. But you need to find a channel where the competition is not very high, to increase people’s chance of finding your channel.

So, to make money on Twitch, you can choose from any of the following methods: donations from fans, Twitch ads, product sales, subscriptions, and brand sponsorship. You may consider using all 5 methods if you want to explore all your chances of making more money.

#9 Online Photo Sales

Do you know you can use those cute pictures you litter around Instagram and Facebook to make money? All you need is a phone with a good camera, and you can start making cool cash with your phone. You can then proceed to add them to stock images where people can pay to have them.

You can easily opt to back out of the idea since anyone with the latest iPhone or Samsung phone can take nice shots. Some may even go as far as using some picture editing software to create awesome photos. You don’t need all that; all you need is to harness your inborn creativity.

So if you are looking for sites to make money from with your photos, a good list of them are as follows: Foap, Shutterstock, Getty Images, iStock, Adobe Stock, Fotolia, Alamy, Fotomoto, Crestock, Depositphotos, and so on. A renowned way of selling your pictures to online brands, publishers, etc, is by Licensing.

The major points to focus on are:

  1. Identifying your niche,
  2. Growing your audience, and
  3. Utilizing various sources of income

You can sell different kinds of photos in different categories, which include: Nature, Tools, Cities, Travel, Food, and even people. In these categories, you find landscapes, different delicacies, people working on laptops, gears, cityscapes, etc.

Taking a survey on the most downloaded images on these stock photos sites can give you a clue about what category you may want to consider. It will also help you to choose a niche more easily.

An easy way to make your photos available for sale online involves making use of some middle man sites. Such sites include iStockPhoto, and 123RF. Such sites are quick and easy to use, and they help you make sales. Luckily, they host thousands of visitors daily, and your photo may be up for sale.

But there is a downside though- You have to pay a commission of a certain percentage of all the sales you make. Different sites charge different commissions, ranging from 20% to 60%. Also, since there are many photographers one can choose from, you may not make much money in a short period.

#10 Conducting Online Surveys

Another easy way to make money with your phone is by carrying out surveys for websites. An example of such surveys is the recent COVID 19 survey ads that pop on your Facebook news feed. The one just mentioned above may not pay, but there are several survey sites you can make money from.

This method is easy, but the pay is not very encouraging- say a few dollars per hour- it’s better than nothing anyway. Some of these survey websites like MyPoints, Survey Junkie, and i-Say have their mobile phone apps. This is a plus as it makes the process much easier.

The tasks such sites give vary depending on the site, but typically, you have to answer survey questions. You receive points after you answer these questions, which you can redeem later. You get paid either in cash or through gift cards. For cash payments, you receive the money through PayPal.

Conversely, getting payments from survey sites can be tiring since you must accumulate a certain number of points. These points are usually high, meaning longer work hours. Moreover, you must never disclose your personal details like bank account number, Social Security number, or driver’s license number.

You should also consider reading reviews about these apps on your Play and iOS app stores. This helps you get useful information about the survey site, and we recommend that you do this before downloading them.

#11 Item Sales On Social Media

The introduction of marketplaces into some social media platforms like Facebook is a big opportunity for marketers. Items you may want to sell may range from used phones, shoes, or even new items from your local store. LinkedIn and Facebook are some of the best social media platforms you can turn to your marketplace.

Utilizing social media platforms to find customers is a very big advantage. This is because you both do not have to incur transportation expenses, and you can finalize sales irrespective of distance.

You can easily find customers on these platforms by simply searching for the product you want to sell in a search bar. However, a much easier way to accomplish this is by belonging to social media group chats or following sales pages. You can then get notified when someone demands the product on that site.

You can also post the product you want to sell on such groups to find potential buyers. A good way to do this is by posting advertisements on several groups at the same time. This increases your chances of finding buyers faster, and you can choose to sell to the best bidder.

However, with the numerous social media platforms available on the internet, you may be tempted to spread across all. Therefore, we strongly advise that you stay on one or two as it helps make your efforts effective. Furthermore, you get a pronounced presence when you have all your resources focused on a particular audience.

Many social media platforms make it possible to get your items sold. They are Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. The process described above works fine with Facebook and maybe a few others. You can get more information about these other apps by downloading them from your app store and exploring their features.

#12 Customer Care Agent

If you have good communication skills, then you should consider working as a customer service agent. For example, you can work as an online chat agent, a home call center agent, technical support personnel, a travel agent, or a virtual assistant.

  • Chat Agent

As a chat agent, you can answer billing inquiries, process returns, book flights, or market products through chats, texts, and mails. A lot of companies offer scheduling options which could be nights, certain days, or even weekends. Also, you can do it as a full-time job or part-time and can be doubled with call center jobs.

  • Technical Support Agent

This job merges special technical and IT skills with the good communication skills of a call center agent. Many companies make their employees go through certain pieces of training required for those skills. But you have to show some technical and computer abilities when you are applying. More so, like the chat agent, they can schedule shifts such as nights, days, and weekends.

  • Travel Agents

With the adoption of the popular work-from-home policy by various organizations, you can make money with your phone from home. Thanks to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. You can work as a travel agent with your phone. As a travel agent, your job is to offer assistance to frequent travelers, arrange corporate flights, or book trips for groups. On the flip side, you need some level of experience or certification.

  • Virtual Assistants (VAs)

Large companies employ virtual assistants and assign them to clients. VAs remotely assist clients with numerous tasks. Such tasks may include booking flights, managing emails, research, scheduling, etc. Thankfully, all these tasks can be done using your mobile phone. You should also note that some companies may advertise call center openings as virtual assistants.

  • Call Center Assistant

You can be a home call center assistant to any company, although most companies hire employees in certain countries or locations. However, you should satisfy certain qualification requirements, which could be fluency in a given language.

#13 Apps

App developers are looking for people who will test their and relate their reviews on the app. They take this feedbacks important as the feedbacks opens them to ways through which they can improve on the app. Some app developers are willing to pay volunteers who wish to do the app-testing job.

One platform that rewards you for such tests is AppNana. You receive 10,000 points of Nana when you create an account and 400 points every day you check the app. When you get up to 60,000 mana points, you can proceed to withdraw your money through PayPal.

If you have a good phone camera and are interested in taking and selling pictures, then Foap can help you achieve that. You don’t have to be a professional photographer; you can make money even as an amateur.

Foremost, you need to register and create an account with them. You then have to upload good-quality pictures that the registered members of the community will rate. Their rating determines the visibility of your photos. Each sale your photos make can fetch you between $5 and $100.

Many other apps can fetch you some money; a Google search can help you find them. Some apps pay you for reviews, while some pay you for watching videos, you can still make money from taking surveys too. But make sure you check user reviews on your app store before you download them to ensure a smooth experience.

#14 TikTok

This social media app is rated as the 7th most used globally. It may be just another social media platform for you, while it is a source of income for some. Some folks even see Tiktok as a full-time paying job. However, you need to employ some creativity if you want to make some money.

Addison Rae Esterling is the highest-paid Tiktoker, reported making $5 million every year from the app. Other TikTok-made millionaires include Demi Bagby, Gordon Ramsay, @jiffpom, etc. They make money on the app through fitness, food, ads, etc.

Foremost, you have to own a TikTok account. After that, creating your brand (or niche) becomes the next concern- you may want to educate, inform, or entertain with your videos. You should also consider the kind of audience you have as your target.

You must also be consistent with what you- post, not promoting veganism today and posting your favorite burger spot tomorrow. Whatever your niche choice may be, it must be something that people would love to watch. The videos you post must be fresh, unique, captivating, and up-t-date.

This brings you to the most important step of growing your followers. Having unique and fresh content being posted every day is a great recipe for increased followership. A great way to achieve massive followership is by understanding what your target wants to see. Then going a step further in providing them consistently.

Once you have a large number of followers, you can then proceed to make money. Your follower-base can get you company deals to promote a product or brand in your videos for cash payments. You can also use your fame for advertising your business to patronage around the globe.

#15 Social Media Account Management

Many companies own inactive and backdated social media platforms, and sometimes, websites. It is probably because they are busy attending to other customers or lack the required staff to do that. It could be celebrities or business persons who want some online presence but lack time to manage their accounts.

Such job opportunities a frequently offered by advertising and marketing agencies. Depending on the company, you may have to manage the account of up to 15 persons or clients. And most of the time, such clients may have several social media accounts.

You’ll need to learn and understand some industry-specific terms and languages. Such industries maybe healthcare, technology, ICT, manufacturing, or even interior design. Some companies may require you to work in an office, while some may leave you at liberty to choose where you work from.

Some of these companies are large may need you to handle customer care issues on their customer care accounts. So you may also need to develop a good tolerance level, just in case you run into some dissatisfied customer.

However, such employers may need you to meet certain criteria to manage their social media accounts. For example, you may need to have good writing and communication skills or be fluent in a particular language. You can find several such opportunities on social media posts; you just haven’t looked in the right place yet.


The content of this article may have actually blown your mind, but we’re sure you got an eye-opener. You may feel sorry for the amount of time and data you’ve wasted on a potential source of income. It’s a good step, though, because it will give you the push to apply the steps we have given above.

So, we advise that you just don’t get all that information stored up in your brain and not apply it. Follow the given steps carefully, ask some experts who have experience in those areas questions. The surest guide for apps we have recommended is the review from users, available in your app store.


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