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3 Side Hustle Concepts to Breed an Extra $1,000 in 2024


The geometric rate at which the cost of items is rising calls for quick action.

I don’t know if you’re one of those who hoped for an increment but got your hope dashed within the new 12 months.

Instead of promotion, did the corporation have budget cuts and disqualify you for salary growth? You’re not alone in this.

About 99.9% of professionals in their mid-careers faces the impact of current price increases.

According to freelancing statistics for 2023, 64 million US residents are freelancers, a substantial rise from fifty-three million (53) in 2014.

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The reason for this is the high cost of existence and the preference of professionals to be self-employed.

Notwithstanding that, everyone likes a sense of fulfillment in their jobs.

Folks like doing things of great interest to them; that enhances their talent set and yields high earnings.

How will you feel about getting an additional $1k monthly without thirsting for water in your boss’s ‘water brooks’? Won’t it add value to your lifestyle?

Therefore, check out these three (3) side hustle concepts that have the capability to help you grab an extra $1k or more monthly without much struggle.

There isn’t need for a wide-spectrum of paying clients or time waste!

Let’s get started!

Things to consider before choosing a side hustle to fit into your routine

Before we launch into the top three side hustles for 2024, we’ll embark on what to consider before picking a side hustle that suits you. We’ll also check some side hustles on the air to help you out there. Then, we’ll come down to the business of the day.

·       Your current job

If the present job takes the whole of your time, it’ll be hard for you engaging in any side hustle.

·       Skills available

Most profitable side hustles may require quality skills. Thus, choosing such a task might require skill to cope.

·       Financial status

It’s true that you want to boost your income; however, selecting side jobs like freelancing requires enough capital to cover the expenses. Quick deliveries and focus need enough cash to get started.

Additional things like educational background, interests, perseverance, consistency, and others exist! However, we’ll stop at these few ones for now.

Having settled that phase, let’s check out some worthwhile side hustles this year.

What are the top worthwhile side hustle?

There’re numerous side hustles to add some extra bucks to your income. Some of the most profitable ones are:

• Monetize a YouTube channel.

• Sell digital products.

• Become an IRL or online teacher.

• Deliver programs.

• Start a podcast.

• Design and sell your very own t-shirts.

• Offer puppy sitting and canine on-foot offerings.

• Become a rideshare driver.

• Starting a dropshipping commercial business enterprise.

• Selling your non-public handcrafted merchandise.

• Creating and promoting your personal designs.

• Selling virtual advertising services through freelance artwork.

• Teaching a web course.

• Starting an associate advertising industrial agency.

However, this blog will consider the top three to give you enough freedom!

Our 3 top side hustles in 2024 To Suit You!

·       Airbnb

This platform that lets you make money by renting out your house or a part of it (such as a room) for a specific duration to accommodate travelers and other tourists passing through your vicinity. But contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need a room or personal belongings to make money off Airbnb.

Some different approaches to gaining widespread income except being an Airbnb host consist of:

Airbnb Experiences—in which you may be a neighborhood host by providing guided excursions and different fun-packed sports in epic places you’re knowledgeable about. • Airbnb Online Experiences—you could host digital experiences and instructions alongside a virtual actual cooking elegance, for instance.

Airbnb images—you could make cash as a contract Airbnb photographer.

·       Freelance Writing

When you commence as a contract writer, for example, through your personal blog, it could look like a time-consuming, thankless attempt. But, if your form of writing is friendly, relevant, highly educational and answers precise inquiries or discourses crucial troubles that your target viewers face on a day-to-day basis, at the same time as being boosted for Google explorations, you’ll gradually start to entice faithful, dependable followers and enhance your viewership.

You could make cash in freelancing via:

·         Affiliate hyperlinks to recommended merchandise cited inside the article (while avoiding being spammy).

·         Being a freelancer for prevailing publications (although the pay might vary)

·         Provide ghostwriting and copywriting services to companies and private customers.

The splendor of being a freelancer is that those side hustles are bendy for you. You can do all three simultenously, drastically boosting your income and changing your revenue from your day-to-day process altogether.

·       Coaching Online

One exceptional aspect of coaching as an extra job is that it’s technically a free industry. There are educational organizations like the ‘International Coaching Federation’ (ICF) that offer direction on ethics and education standards. Nevertheless, subject to the target you want to hunt, there is freedom of entry.

Instantaneously, education gives the massive benefit of hypothetically making hundreds of bucks consistent with a one-hour training session. As soon as you gain greater niche identification, involvement, and advantageous consumer recommendations, you could leverage your trustworthiness and know-how to boost charges to thousands of bucks per session.

It’s to decide on training clients who have labored in your modern-day function or industry, as you already know their pain factors and may leverage your relatable knowledge to get started faster.

Different education categories you might want to concentrate on and pin-point a sub-niche include:

·         Financial training;

·         Career training;

·         Executive coaching;

·         Business training;

·         Life training.


In the present situation of the states, no job is mostly a one-stop-grab, depending on your financial status! Also, no side hustle is more beneficial than others; however, it would make up the other side of your complementary angle to boost your income!

Certainly you’re considering this write-up does not mean you detest your current job; however, it’s not helping matters at all!

Are you prepared to begin a side hustle? Browse these mouth-watering side hustle ideas to gain additional money through selling your talents. The nice aspect of side hustle thoughts is that they fit your abilities and interests!

Try these ideas today, and depending on what side hustle you select, they can complement each other appropriately. For instance, if you’re an expert within the tourism and hospitality organizations, you can write tour advisory blog containing affiliate links and be an Airbnb photographer plus a tutor on the way to operate a tour enterprise domestically. The sky is your limit!



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