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30 Nigerian Governors Lavish N968.64bn on Refreshments and Other Expenses in Three Months


30 Nigerian governors have spent N986.64bn on refreshments, sitting allowances, traveling, and more in the first quarter of 2024.

According to the Punch report, its correspondents analyzed the 30 states’ budget implementation data.

They obtained the data from Open Nigerian States, a website supported by BudgIT.

However, data from the remaining six states was unavailable on the repository.

The states are Niger, Imo, Benue, Sokoto, and Yobe States.

Notably, BudgIT serves as a public budget data repository where relevant government data is available.

Further, the analysis revealed that the 30 state governors cumulatively spent N5.1 billion on refreshments for guests.

Also, they spent N4.67 billion on sitting allowances to government officials, N5.64 billion on utility bills, and N34.63 billion on local and foreign travel expenses.

Utilities represent expenses on the internet, telephone charges, electricity, sewerage charges, and water rates.

Additionally, these governors used N405.77 billion for salary payments to their workers within the quarter under review.

The report covered other recurring expenses, such as domestic and foreign travel.

Other expenses included entertainment, foodstuffs, internet access fees, honorarium/sitting allowance, telephone bills, wardrobe allowance, and more.

The people have begun scrutinizing government spending increasingly because of the rise in economic challenges.

Financial Experts Reacts to Nigerian Governors’ Whopping Spending

Some financial experts in the nation have reacted to the recurrent expenditures, suggesting the need for financial innovations.

According to Aliyu Ilias, a development economist, many states need to catch up in industrialization.

In addition, he said they needed to build one marketable area of strength to attract investors.

Aliyu cited an example with Bayelsa State, whose crude oil could attract foreign investors.

However, he mentioned that bad policies contributed to a lack of investments and called for investment-friendly policies from governors.

Similarly, another national economist, Prof. Akpan Ekpo, advised the states on the importance of improving service delivery.

Finally, the president emeritus of the Chartered Institute of Bankers added that the nation’s problem stems from the state and local governments as no one seems to be watching them.

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