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Activists Vandalize King Charles’ Official Portrait at London Gallery


Animal rights activists have vandalized King Charles first official portrait.

The incident took place at the London gallery.

On Tuesday, Animal Rising, a campaign group, posted videos regarding the incident across all its social media handles.

The footage showed two activists with a paint roller sticking signs over King Charles’s portrait.

Before now, the London Gallery doors were open to the public so that people could visit King Charles Portrait.

The British Monarch’s portrait will remain at the Phillip Mould Gallery till June 21.

However, King Charles’s first official portrait raised a stir at its unveiling at the beginning of the year.

The monarch image was crest against a crimson red background by Artist Jonathon Yeo, the designer.

However, the overall setting of King Charles’s portrait, especially the background, ignited mixed reactions from the public.

King Charles Head Portrait Covered with Wallace Cartoon Character

On Tuesday, a group of animal activists covered the head of King Charles’portrait with Wallace’s cartoon character.

Wallace is a character in the “Wallace and Gromit” cartoon comedy series.

Moreover, the group also tacked an inscription, “No Cheese Gromit, look at all of this cruelty on RSCPA farms.”

The group’s action to vandalize King Charles’s portrait was to bring his attention to the state of 45 farms.

Notbaly, RSPCA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ) catered for all 45 farms.

However, RSPCA has not been meeting up with its promises to cater to animals.

Animals Rising activists said cages are not provided for animals on RSPCA farms.

Furthermore, the group noted that these farms’ fish, meat, and dairy products still carry the RSCPA logo.

Also, it claimed that RSCPA farms are not in good condition.

In May, King Charles became the royal patron of RSPCA. So, the activist group expects the king to do better for the farms.

One of the Animal Rising activists said, “With King Charles being such a big fan of Wallace and Gromit, we couldn’t think of a better way to draw his attention to the horrific scenes on RSPCA Assured farms!”

Moreover, the Animal Rising activist group activists hoped his majesty would find the act amusing.

The group has petitioned the RSPCA on the state of farms under its care.

RSPA told CNN on Tuesday, “Any concerns about the welfare of RSPCA Assured certified farms are taken extremely seriously, and RSPCA Assured is acting swiftly to look into these allegations.”

The gallery owner, Philip Mould, filed a report with the police regarding King Charles’ vandalized portrait.

However, he noted that the portrait didn’t suffer any damage due to a layer of Perspex that protects the surface.

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