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Actress Valance and Fashion Icon Anna Hit London With Rival Events Over US Elections


Two sets of US campaign teams arrived in London on Wednesday, June 12.

The city of London received Actress Holy Valance and Vogue chief editor Anna Wintour.

The duo went to London to raise funds for the upcoming US elections in November.

However, both women represented two different political camps.

Actress Valance, who once topped the pop chart, arrived in West London to host a Pro- Donald Trump fundraising event.

According to one of the guests, the initial selling price of tickets for the event was $10,000.

Chairman of Overseas Republicans, Greg Swenson, said that ticket costs range between $10,000 and $100,000.

He noted that for dinner, the cost was $50,000 for each couple.

He maintained that Republicans are the “Party of the people.”

Conversely, Anna’s support lies in the Biden team.

Donald Jr, Donald Trump’s son, was one of the guests at the Trump’s Republican fundraising event.

When asked about his opinion of Hunter Biden’s verdict, he said, “Decoy to cover up all the actual corruption that was going on in that administration.”

A close ally of Trump, Nigel Farge, also attended the Republican Party London Fundraising.

London Awake on Wednesday Night Ahead of US Elections

Donald Trump’s campaign team hosted its fundraising on Wednesday night close to the Chelsea Embankment in London.

Moreover, donations came in only from US citizens and those with permanent residence permits.

All contributions to Donald Trump’s cause are in preparedness for the November 5, 2024, US elections.

Fundraising for the US elections has been quite low at Donald Trump’s camp.

However, the recent New York Hush Money trial changed the situation.

Trump’s campaign team noted that the case helped them to amass donations running to tens of millions of dollars.

Meanwhile, Anna hosted a fundraising event for Joe Biden’s US election campaign.

One of the campaign officials said each ticket cost $1,000.

The public has yet to be provided details on what happened at the Democratic fundraising event.

According to Sharon Manitta, Democrat press secretary abroad, the timing of the fundraising was a coincidence.

Moreover, Manitta mentioned that her organization, with no ties to Biden’s campaign, will host a comedy night in Greenwich.

Tickets for the planned event will cost just $60.

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