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All Teams Treat Messi like it’s the Championship Every Time They Play Miami – Says Weigandt


According to the Inter Miami CF defender Marcelo Weigandt, the team always expects a fierce match from their opponents whenever Messi is on the team.

He made this statement while speaking about their match against the Red Bulls on Saturday expected to hold at Chase Stadium.

According to him, opponents play them like it’s the final whenever they meet Messi on the pitch. The pressure is usually intense. This goes both ways because it also forces them to prepare to play like it’s the final.

He adds that this challenges them to do more, so they can achieve what they aspire to. “But the team looks good, we’re happy and we work hard throughout the week” he stated in an interview with the media ahead of the training session on Thursday.

Messi is Important in Inter Miami

Inter Miami last played against the Red Bulls on March 23, losing 4-0. The match lacked striker Messi in the team due to the injury he sustained on his right hamstring.

Head coach Gerardo “Tata” Martino and the team had to rely heavily on Luis Suarez and Leo Campana in that match.

However, Messi is finally ready for the pitch and is expected to be seen playing as No. 9 in the selections for Saturday’s match.

According to head coach Martino, bringing Messi back to the pitch is a great plus for the team. In his words, he said about Messi, “He doesn’t exhaust himself coming and going, not that he can’t do it, he can move anywhere he wants on the pitch”

He also added that Messi is not just the greatest player in the world, but also a great goal scorer, hence fitting him into every part of the team’s attack will grant more opportunities for victory.

Martino confessed that Miami had not lost in which Messi had played since his return on April 6 from Injury. He had scored six goals and assisted four.

According to Weigandt, Messi is a great guy off the field, as he always inspires the younger ones to strive for greater heights.

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