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Altcoin Trader Highlights Some Intriguing Strategies To Maneuver The Meme Coin Mania


The meme coin mania is yet to fade as more promising projects flood the crypto market.

A prominent altcoin trader, Rekt Fencer, offers some striking strategies that benefit from the meme coin frenzy.

According to Fencer, interested investors could focus on sniping new meme coin projects to amass 1,000x gains.

The trader noted that diligent and careful market analysis and tools like DEX Screener can be your guide to lucrative investments.

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Strategic Secrets To Leverage Meme Coin Trades

Altcoin trader Fencer provides some strategic processes that could help any potential investor to hit big with meme coins.

According to the trader, you can get up to a 1,000 gain using the right steps in meme coin investments.

Fencer highlights mainly ‘sniping’ new tokens and other available methods for meme coin projects.

Notably, the processes are profitable for all levels of investors, including those starting with low capital.

Here are some strategic approaches.


According to Fencer, using the pre-analysis approach has proven to be highly effective,  especially with accurate market information and timing.

Though this method has some controversies, it’s an easy approach to amass significant returns in the meme coin market.

With pre-analysis, you must constantly monitor the market to identify new token listings and projects.

Moreover, DEX Screener is a great tool that will facilitate your observations and activities.

Also, it helps you to highlight trending narratives and possible driving factors associated with such trends.

Use the following steps in Pre-Analysis:

  • Go to
  • Search for trending narratives, memes, or tickers
  • Identify the reasons behind their trending and increasing momentum
  • Highlight potential driving force and signs of strength

Source: DEX Screener – Top Gainers

Further, Fencer noted: “The longer the narrative in the Top Gainers, the stronger it becomes.”

Monitoring Newly Listed Tokens

Another means to make it big in the meme coin market is to monitor the newly listed tokens.

Such coins offer a higher possibility of gains through explosive growth and hype surrounding their trends.

Also, Fencer stressed the need to constantly monitor newly listed tokens and select the trending meme coins shortly after listings.

He reiterated that newly listed coins have more potential for explosive growth than already existing ones and those that have traded for several weeks.

Here is how you can find New Listings:

  • Go to
  • Click “New Pairs”
  • Click “Filters”
  • Select the chain
  • Hit the “Apply” button

Identify The True Alpha

Fencer believed that true alpha is always hidden from the crowd.

To experience a massive profit within the meme coin market, you need to identify the true alpha.

Notably, the clue is to search for coins that are yet to gain liquidity.

According to Fencer: “This is the earliest stage when a coin is not yet traded anywhere and is only known to devs.”

Below is an indication from some prominent blockchains regarding true alpha identification.

  • SOL:
  • ETH:
  • BASE:

Using Sniper Bots

Additionally, the prominent trader highlighted the use of sniper bots in boosting investors’ gains with meme coins.

Also, the bots provide the quickest ways of purchasing tokens.

This means that with sniper bots, you will increase your chance of acquiring a new token before its price growth.

Subsequently, you will be among the earlier movers who would grab more gains after a price explosion.

Fencer noted: “To buy tokens as fast as possible, you need to use sniper bots.”

Notably, no single bot serves universally or works perfectly for every blockchain. Rather, each bot is customized to follow specific instructions.

According to Fencer, it could be quite difficult to master the skills related to sniper bots.

However, he believed that the benefits from such expertise far outweigh all the efforts and challenges you may face before then.

Moreover, the trader identified 3 unique bots that will help you to be a real on-chain sniper.

  • @bonkbot_io – This is the leading Solana-based bot for trading. It comes with a simple and user-friendly interface for easy trading on Solana. Also, there’s the advantage of routing through Jupiter for speedy execution of purchases, sales, and management of trades. Notably, Bonkbot is a great choice for aping on Solana.

Below are some features of Bonkbot_io.

  • Provides new token alerts
  • Allows the trading of any SPL token
  • Offers full mobile support
  • Enables trade visualization
  • @BananaGunBot This is another great sniping bot that can boost your profit within the meme coin market.

Below are some of the key features.

  • Auto sniping that takes care of Tax calculations, maxTx, methodID, and others.
  • Secure and fast swaps that are MEV-resistant.
  • Copytrade that allows you to mirror professionals and profitable traders.
  • Anti rug and reorg protection for maximum security.
  • Accessible on both Solana and Ethereum blockchains.
  • @TeamUnibotThis is among the popular EVM bots in the industry. The bot recently expanded its presence to the Solana blockchain tagged @UnibotSolana.

Below are some features of

  • Sniping of tokens
  • The setting of limit orders
  • Allows users to receive real-time updates of their portfolios on Telegram
  • Includes Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) to all its EVM chains

 Wrap UP

While Fencer’s strategies could be beneficial to investors within the meme coin sector, they have associated risks.

While crypto investment is volatile, the volatility of meme coins is quite extreme.

The tokens spike based on certain hype and sentiment surrounding their price.

Some meme coins lack utility and will easily plummet once the initial hype dies down. You must follow the trend in the market to avoid a huge loss.

Moreover, there are potential crypto scams that could feed on people’s eagerness for gains.

You should always exercise diligence and do adequate research before putting your money into any crypto investment.

Notably, platforms such as Rug Check and Coin Scan can help you detect fake tokens before making any financial commitment.

However, when the coast is clear, you will be aware that you can amass huge profits within the meme coin section.

Just like Fencer suggested, there’s a possibility of getting up to 1,000 gains.



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