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Angela Okorie Responds to Mercy Johnson’s Hubby.


  • Angela Okorie throws accusations of witchcraft on Mercy Johnson.
  • Mercy Johnson’s husband calls on Angela’s family members to take her to a mental home.
  • Angela makes a comeback attack but this time around on Prince Okojie.

The feud between Angela Okorie and Mercy is deepening with no sign of ending anytime soon.  Angela Okorie has refused to let go of her beef with Mercy Johnson. She came forward to insult the husband of the mother of Four.

Prince Okojie’s debunking of the allegations leveled against his wife Mercy Johnson did not sit down well with Angela Okorie. She made a comeback attack but this time on Prince Okojie.

Angela Okorie Called Mercy Johnson’s Husband a Houseboy

Angela Okorie has refused to let go of whatever grievance she holds in her heart towards Mercy Johnson.

She made a mockery of Prince Okojie in a live Video calling him Mercy Johnson’s houseboy. Angela claims that Prince Okojie is under the influence of Mercy’s witchcraft power.

She further said that he would remain a puppet to Mercy all the days of his life.

On the issue of calling Mercy Johnson, a witch she claims that it is nothing but the truth.

Many colleagues have come up to lash out at Angela for her recent behavior toward Mercy Johnson’s character as a person.

Angela Okorie has remained unyielding on her claims.

She said “To that houseboy wey dem dey us; you no fit get a sense for life, na so you go dey carry handbag for life. I no dey tarnish the image of Mercy Johnson, I called her out with my full chest. Why? Because at the end of the day, you’re not better than me,”

All of this drama has been rebuked by Nollywood colleagues.

One such person who has publicly rebuked Angela’s claims is Yvonne Jegede. She has chosen not to back down but rather to keep throwing words at Mercy Johnson.

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