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As International Sales Rises, Hackers Siphon 13 NFTs on Blur


Last March, the NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) sales began to drop.

However, it has consolidated these last 2 months.

Just as NFT sales started rising, scammers attack the Blur marketplace within the last 24 hours.

Details of the Hack

A scammer known as Fake_Phishing156212 robbed MetaHeroCore #24, Doodles #1501, and Doodles #1504.

The hacker paid nearly $30 for the transaction charges of the Non-Fungible Tokens on the ETH (Ethereum) blockchain but didn’t pay for the collectibles.

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Furthermore, as per on-chain data, another hacker named PinkDrainer can acquire up to 5 MiladyMakers for just 0.000000000000000005 ETH which is worth nearly nothing.

However, the phisher had to pay about $113 for the transaction charges.

As per another Twitter from PeckShield, PinkDrainer has also robbed Doodle #6853, Otherdeed #54541, 2 RENGAs, and Bean #14446.

Then, PinkDrainer exchanged the Otherdeed #54541 which is valued at around $1,900 for an Otherside #65611, together with 0.478 ETH which is valued at almost $890 on the Blur Pool.

Reasons Behind the Attacks

These phishing hacks came as the global NFT trades experienced a 13.3% increase in the last 24 hours.

As per data provided by CryptoSlam, the overall NFT trading volume has exceeded $33 million.

Whereas, the number of users has declined by 13% failing to 69,436 special buyers.

Is the NFT Space Experiencing a New Low?

After a shared Twitter of Andrew Wang, a crypto influencer on May 30, a scam artist that goes by the name Hopeexist1 became popular.

Wang’s Twitter thread detailed her supposed battle with eye cancer and her artistic activities within the digital community.

In his tweets, Wang rallied the crypto community to show support for Hopeexist1 with the argument that it is vital to acknowledge and support such artists in the web3 space.

His plea within the community wasn’t in vain as it yielded results.

His Twitter posts gave rise to a wave of sympathy, which catapulted Pixel Pengiums to fame within the vast community.

Donations began flooding in, hiking the collection’s sales and the OpenSea, a famous NFT marketplace trending status.

But the community was defrauded.

















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