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Ben Affleck Expresses Frustration Over Singer Jennifer Lopez’s High-Taste


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are falling out after just two years of marriage.

The duo has recently had issues in their marriage.

According to US Weekly, Jennifer and her husband have decided to go their separate ways for a while.

A source said that they feel they need to rediscover themselves.

Jennifer Lopez’s close friend said the singer would soon go on a musical tour. She added that Lopez is set on revamping her musical career.

Jennifer Lopez’s music tour will kick off in June. The tour “This is Me” supports the release of her ninth album.

According to the source, Jennifer Lopez is passionate about her musical career.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez’s lifestyle is PoiLopez’s intentionin her marriage.

Her 51-year-old husband, Ben Affleck, opposes it, Affleck complains of being choked up in his marriage with Jennifer Lopez.

Her expensive lifestyle is the reason for Ben’s discomfit.

JeBen’sr Lopez and Husband on the Bleak of Ending Their Marriage

According to a close source, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are currently on a different page.

Additionally, the source said that Jennifer and her husband’s honey moodhusband’sover.

Jennifer Lopez will most likely have to live in a separate city from her husband.

Currently, both of them are working on separate film projects.

However, it has widened the communication gap between Jennifer Lopez and Ben.

Furthermore, Ben and Jennifer rarely have a peaceful conversation.

very little thing turns out to be an argument.

According to a close source, the other partner seems to notice everything.

According to the insider, there are several ways to resolve conflicts in marriage.

The source added that Jennifer Lopez tackles problems head-on.

Meanwhile, Ben Affleck needs to respond more quickly to issues.

Jennifer Lopez and their husband’s different husband’s life have increased their marital issues.

The inability to effectively communicate their thoughts is a problem in their marriage.

Meanwhile, Lopez singlehandedly funded a documentary on her marriage with Ben.

The documentary was worth $20 million.

Conversely, Affleck made much of his wealth by producing movies.

He also does ads, of which he recently made $10 million.

The duo is co-parenting their children from past marriages.

Ben Affleck has three children, while Jennifer Lopez has a set of twins.

An insider said that Jennifer is willing to work things out with Ben.

Affleck, on the other hand, has been hesitant. He has chosen to invest more in his business rather than work on his marriage.

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