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Best 11 Ways of Making Money Not Taught In The Classroom


Financial success is way beyond what is being taught in the regular school system. Gaining wealth is more of a practical use of some techniques. There are a whole lot of opportunities waiting to be tapped out there. All that is required is a smart person to take hold of these chances.

Like many others who graduate with all the As there can be little or nothing to show in terms of money. Making money is more than having the head knowledge of a college degree. Many people believe that they can only get an income through the job market.

Opportunities ranging from investment tactics to online courses and lots more abound out there. Little or nothing has been known about these prospects before now. So get set to learn how to harness all that will be rolled out to you right here.

Let’s plunge in.

Here is a simple breakdown of all that we will be looking at in this article:

  1. Set up a business: This comes from identifying a need within your environment.
  2. Create a website: it is all about creating exciting content for your new website.
  3. Open a YouTube channel: Create engaging content and monetize your page using the tools of adverts and affiliate marketing.
  4. Investing in real estate: Buying and reselling of properties.
  5. Franchise ownership: Owning some stakes in a brand or system.
  6. Developing a mobile app: Creating a mobile app thereby making earnings from purchases.
  7. Online courses: Offering digital courses at a fee.
  8. Royalties: It is all about earning through books, musicals, and software you create.
  9. Portfolio investment: Placing money in stocks, shares, bonds, and other financial instruments.
  10. Trading in short-term securities: Making profits from short-term profits.
  11. Intellectual Property: This is simply having patent rights and much more.

Now take a deep look at each of these simple yet uncommon means of making money not taught in school.

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Set Up a Business

Setting up your business is being your boss while creating a pathway for yourself. This makes it more than simply earning an income. It is about seeing a need and rising to meet that need.

It all begins with carrying out market research and thereafter brainstorming ideas on how to best go about it. This is where drafting a written business plan comes into play.

Your success lies a great deal in your understanding of the market, good planning, and the ability to adapt to the business environment.  You must get the feedback of customers to know how to improve your business.

The aim of every business is profit and this should be well managed to keep you for the long haul.

Create a Website

Owning a website is a great means of putting some cool cash into your pocket. All it takes is to pick any niche of interest and create good content on it. The next step is to design your site in such a way that users can easily navigate their way around its interface.

The newly created website can generate revenue through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and adverts. There is no limit on the volume of revenue that a website can make with proper planning.

Every website needs to target the right set of audience. This can be easily done using SEO, quality content creation, and social media advertising.

There is a lot of competition out there on the web but this can be a triumph when the right marketing tools are used.

Investing in Real Estate

Real estate is the source of wealth for many millionaires spread all over the world. It remains one of the viable means of building an empire of wealth.

It simply involves renting, buying properties, and selling them out at a good price. Success in this area involves carrying out a feasibility study of the market. You will need a good understanding of property management to survive as an estate manager.

Every successful real estate guru has a good eye for viable places. Keeping abreast of market trends and the future expectancy will keep you away from making losses.

This is simply a game of doggedness and right planning.

Franchise Ownership

This involves leveraging already proven brands and systems. Picking out the right franchise is very essential to having success. Here you will be putting your finances to work after carrying out due diligence on a company.

Franchising has proven several times to be a shortcut to being an entrepreneur when the right models are applied. To succeed on this path requires researching likely franchises, funding, and understanding how the system works.

This can be a clear-cut way to own a business.

Developing a Mobile App

The mobile app industry is open to newbies to earn money alongside the big wigs of the market. Creating an app has to do with creativity at its greatest point. Revenue is raised from adverts, paid apps, and in-app purchases.

Your success depends on the level of marketing, and the value of services to the audience. Positive customer feedback will do a lot more in attracting more app downloads.

An example is the Apple app with more than 650 million visitors to its store every single week in 2022. This goes to show that there was a high level of downloads during that period. Apple Newsroom

New apps are tested and the best wins the hearts of users. Creating a workable and user-friendly app will put you in the spotlight.


Taking Online Courses

If sharing your knowledge with others can put some money into your pocket, why not do so? All that it takes is to identify your area of expertise and identify your target group. They are sites on the internet through which you can share your wealth of knowledge. Some of these sites are Aim-for-a-Tutoring, Homework Tutoring, Tutor Point, and  VIPKID.

Audience on these platforms grows over time subject to diligence and consistency. Take advantage of the digital world we live in to earn more money as a teacher.

Parents are always on the lookout for how to improve the grades of their children. Online teaching sites have become the hub for getting kids and teachers at a closer face value.

The students get the needed knowledge as you the tutor make your earnings.


Creating a passive income through your artistic works like music, books, and software is a path to wealth. This path is not towed by many though it is rewarding in the long haul.

It has to do with being creative and having a good marketing plan. The money starts rolling in with time as more efforts are put into marketing tactics.

The downside of this venture is the presence of creative vultures who take credit for other people’s work. Protect your work using copyright laws while distributing through the right channels.

An effective promotion will yield the result of a steady stream of royalties. Once royalties start coming in then you can be said to have established a passive income.

Portfolio Investment

Some private companies yield higher returns on investment than publicly traded bonds and stocks. The risk is higher in most cases but a smart investor will make the right moves at the right times. This comes with a good understanding of how the market works and what will likely be the turn of events.

Only persons well versed in investment should go into startups and private equity. The reason is that they are most times not registered in the stock exchange market. They can be risky to invest in, unlike publicly traded stocks and bonds.

Trading in Short-Term Securities

Investing in short-term financial securities like stocks yields dividends at the end. These earnings can be plowed back into the company to yield higher returns.

This can become a steady stream of income for you over time as you slowly build your portfolio. It can be a nice way of retirement when built over time.

Do look out for companies that do not fail to pay dividends when due to shareholders. This will surely give you a sense of peace when investing.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is patent rights, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. You can decide to share information on your book, and trade secrets at a good amount.

Having produced a best-seller book some authors may need a certain quote or abstract from your book. This is where copyright laws have to be applied as the individual will have to contact and have a financial arrangement with the author.

A striving company with a great product can share its trademark on a contract with financial obligations attached to it. This is a good way of spreading your influence and in return making more money.

Create a YouTube Channel

Platforms like YouTube can be used to generate a good income with the right audience. Focus on creating the right content and surely your page views will increase over time.

A lot of people are making tons of money through YouTube today. You can also join the long lines of people to make more money for yourself.


There are a whole lot of opportunities to make money. Most of these methods are a far cry from the conventional methods taught in schools. They most times involve a blend of proper planning, creativity, and most of all patience.

None of the methods mentioned in this article are a day trip to wealth. They all involve consistency coupled with creativity to achieve the needed success. Are you creative? Then put your creativity to work by exploring the 11 options. A lot of people who have bumped into these money-making ideas in one way or the other have nothing to regret.

Most of the methods mentioned here are open doors to other streams of income. Take for instance the opening of a YouTube channel can lead to earning through affiliate marketing. Brands all over the world want their product out there, and the best way to do this is through social media. Growing your social media page will in the long run put you out there for brand sponsorship.

All of these options when properly applied will yield wealth in the long haul.


  1. How can I make money with a little cash?

Creating a website, and building an app does not require much money as it involves putting your creativity to use. You can create a user-friendly app or website with your digital knowledge today.

  1. What options can be explored without capital?

You can take advantage of your knowledge to earn some cash for yourself. Sites like Tutor Point pay money to people to those willing to pass their skills and knowledge to others. Social media platforms cannot be left out of the hub as monetizing your page can roll in money. Your earnings are based on how engaging your content is. Audience in this case grows over time as you keep on producing quality exciting content.

  1. How viable is the real estate industry?

The most important factor in real estate is location. The location of a property decides if it will be profitable or fall into a loss. It can become a steady source of income in the long haul with patience and a good knowledge of the market trends.

  1. How can I create wealth by selling intellectual property?

Intellectual properties like books, music, and software apps can create wealth in the form of royalties. These are simply payments that come in most cases yearly when your patent rights, designs, etc. are transferred to another. These rights are legally protected and are guided by laws. Intellectual property can be transferred and yield a steady stream of income.

  1. What is the best way of trading in short-term securities?

There is a need to have an understanding of the market trends to trade successfully in the short term. You should be on the lookout for the moving averages, and trade cycles, and maximize the risk involved.


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