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Biden to Sign an Executive Action to Close US Southern Border When Migrants Surge


U.S. President Joe Biden is anticipated to sign an executive action today, temporarily closing the country’s southern border.

The move will ensure the border closure only when migrants crossing between the legal ports of entry exceed 2,500 daily.

However, when the number falls below 1,500, the country will reopen the border.

According to two sources, the White House has revealed this threshold to lawmakers without full details.

The Department of Homeland Security Officials reported a daily movement of over 4,000 migrants at the U.S.-Mexican border.

This report indicates that the deliberated temporary shutdown might take effect immediately.

Therefore, administration officials should get ready for legal challenges.

However, the U.S. may consider working with the Mexican president to get his cooperation on critical provisions.

Mexico concluded its presidential election on Sunday, which caused a rancor in the country.

Claudia Sheinbaum, with the support of Lopez Obrador, won the election and succeeded Lopez as President.

This executive action by the U.S. will rely on the presidential authority detailed in Section 212 of the U.S. Code.

The code allows the president to unilaterally “suspend the entry” of specific groups of migrants anytime the number of border crossings becomes too high.

Southern Border Shutdown Will Not Affect Lawful Immigrants

However, the shutdown does not mean that trade, travel, or entry of immigrants who present themselves lawfully for asylum would be blocked.

On the contrary, only migrants who crossed the border between ports of entry during the border shutdown would be blocked.

They would not be allowed to apply for asylum.

Also, DHS will likely redesign Haiti’s Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

This will allow Haitians in the U.S. to remain until their country’s conditions improve.

Haiti has been under the control of armed gangs since March.

This has made lawmakers on Capitol Hill urge Biden to extend TPS to Haitian citizens and pause deportations.

Recently, the White House contacted mayors of border cities to ask them to sign the executive order.

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