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Bitcoin Crowdfunding Donations For El Salvador Program Reach 1 BTC


In a significant milestone for Bitcoin education, the My First Bitcoin program has reached 1 BTC in donations, thanks to the support of Bitcoin Beach, a community-driven initiative in El Zonte.

Bitcoin Beach has pledged to match donations to the program, which has powered its expansion and outreach efforts.

The My First Bitcoin program is a diploma education system primarily designed to train young students in El Salvador about Bitcoin and its potential benefits.

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My First Bitcoin Crowdfunding Donations Hit 1 BTC

The program’s success has been attributed to its innovative approach to education and its focus on empowering young people with the knowledge and tools to participate in the digital economy.

The donations from Bitcoin Beach and other contributors have been crucial in helping the program hit a milestone in expanding its reach.

Some donations came from Poles, Venezuelans, and Canadians in the form of Satoshis, the smaller parts of BTC.

The transactions reportedly occurred through the Lightning Work to support the Bitcoin Diploma program by My First Bitcoin.

When asked, the founder of the My First Bitcoin program, John Dennehy, explained how the contributions got to 1 BTC in under three weeks.

He stated that the greatest potential of Bitcoin is its ability to empower individuals. He believes that this was what made it easy for individuals to make their donations.

He also cited that Bitcoin is unlike GofundMe or PayPal, given its self-sovereign and censorship properties.

This makes it easy and efficient to make transfers with the token. More so, transactions with BTC are far cheaper than many other mediums.

Dennehy made this clear by noting that the contributors used the layer-2 Lightning Network to send their donations.

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Meanwhile, the campaign organisers have expressed gratitude to all those who supported the initiative and contributed to its success.

They have also emphasized their commitment to using the funds to promote Bitcoin education and awareness among young people in El Salvador and beyond.

With Bitcoin continuing to gain traction as a transformative force in the global economy, initiatives like My First Bitcoin’s Bitcoin Diploma program will surely play an important role in shaping the future of finance and education.

Bitcoin Price Outlook

Bitcoin has maintained more bullish moves than bearish ones, particularly in the past 2 days. At the time of writing, the token trades at $28,886, with a 24-hour price change of +2.03%.

While it is still uncertain whether or not the token will make a bull run soon, certain crypto experts predict continuous growth in its price.

In the meantime, its trading volume in the last 24 hours stands at $20,023,955,289, indicating a 30.47% increase in the same period.

Notably, Bitcoin began the year at a price just over the $16,500 level, which is a positive signal compared to its current price.

With continuous developments and usage of the token, its value may follow the predictions of most digital currency experts and analysts.

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