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Brian Armstrong Unexpected Deletes Of Old Twitter Posts Arouses Investor’s Concern


The CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong unexpectedly initiates a massive purge of his older Twitter posts. This trend of events arouses the concerns of cryptocurrency investors

Even, certain investors have connected this unexpected move from Armstrong to the ongoing scrutiny of Coinbase by the regulators.

With this latest action by Coinbase CEO, questions are arising about Armstrong’s intentions as well as what his unexpected action signifies.

More Details of the Story

The CEO of a well-known crypto exchange Coinbase seems to have erased almost all of his older Twitter posts.

Following Brian Armstrong’s latest action, the World Wide Web digital archive WayBackMachine also cleared out its records of Coinbase CEO’s Twitter posts.

Certain investors rumored that Coinbase’s CEO deleted his previous Twitter posts in a bid to reduce any likely misinterpretation or exploit of the previous public statements given the present regulatory scrutiny.

Meanwhile, Armstrong hasn’t made any public statement yet as to the reason he deleted his tweets massively. Thus, at this point, the reason for his unexpected action is still speculative.

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Although Armstrong’s reason for this sudden massive purge is still embedded in mystery, the happenings highlight the on-ground lack of clarity within the cryptocurrency industry.

Moreover, it stresses the likely challenges which firms face when they try to conduct business within the legal structures while at the same time pushing the limits of innovation within the United States.

Did The US Regulatory Environment Have a Hand In this New Development?

It is a well-known fact that recently, the regulatory situation within the United States has remained complex as well as undefined.

Although there is an existence of certain standards for guidance, still majority within the sector is calling for more comprehensive and clearer regulatory structures.

The result of these uncertainties can equally lead to possible missteps and confusion for firms within the crypto space.

Recently, the cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase has been seriously under regulatory scrutiny.

The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) is worried that Coinbase may not have adhered to the existing regulations.

However, Coinbase claimed that the lack of a clear regulatory framework is the problem and not that they intend to break the law.





















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