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Brighton to Let Go of Midfielder Lallana this Summer


Adam has chosen to leave Brighton at the end of this season.

The former England midfielder says he needs some time to reflect before deciding on his future when he leaves Brighton.

Lallana left Liverpool in 2020 to join Brighton.

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Since then, he has made 105 appearances for the club, this includes 94 in the Premier League.

Lallana acknowledged that he and the Seagulls have been on a remarkable journey together, and now he must move on.

In a discussion with the BBC Radio Sussex, Lallana explained that he had been in talks with the Manager for a couple of months.

The Manager wants him to stay and keep playing for the club.

However, reflecting on where the football club is at and how long he had stayed away from his family, he feels now is the right time.

Lallana’s Journey with Brighton

Speaking on his journey with the club, He enjoyed his time there as it was remarkable.

In addition to that, he said he was fortunate to be with them.

He believes he had played quite a lot this season, and sometimes too much especially when they had injured players.

Being in constant communication with his family throughout the year, he has been influenced by how much his kids need him.

Considering the special relationship he had with De Zerbi, he found it uneasy to inform the manager of his choice to leave.

Going to have the discussion with Roberto and informing him of his decision to move on was the hardest part.

He put his family at the forefront of his decision and the coach quickly understood his reasons.

The relationship they have goes beyond player and coach, Roberto is like an older brother to him.

Before leaving Liverpool, Lallana had won 34 England cups, likewise the Premier League and Champions League.

Lallana would like to continue plating, but desires to rest his mind after the season’s stress.

He said he still wants to play, but not in Brighton anymore.

According to him, he didn’t want to outstay his welcome in the club. He wanted to leave at the right time, and that time is now.

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