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Coinbase Floats Stand with Crypto Alliance


The prominent United States-based crypto exchange, Coinbase made a move amid the higher regulatory challenges in the United States.

Yesterday, August 14, Coinbase announced that it would a Stand with Crypto Alliance, an enterprise to counter anti-cryptocurrency legislation by organizing the community from the grassroots level.

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This is the appropriate time to fight against bad policy and support sensible regulations.

Fast Facts

  • According to the announcement, this Alliance aims to promote a clear and practical regulation to protect the future of cryptos in the United States.
  • The initiative is an independent body that can offer up to 50 million American citizens that own a cryptocurrency voice in Washington.
  • With this latest move by Coinbase to launch a grassroots enterprise, individuals now have the tool to become involved and advocate for sensible regulations at the district level.
  • At present, Coinbase hasn’t-still needs to release its long-term plan. However, the crypto exchange aims to promote grassroots action and create a bold constituency that promotes legal reforms and supports cryptocurrency legislation.
  • Currently, Coinbase’s page is reporting up to 52,269 advocates already. The company is encouraging more participants to sign up and become Stand With Crypto members, get in touch with their local representatives, or they can mint one of the initiative’s NFT (non-fungible tokens) on its Base network.
  • Stand with Crypto Alliance differentiates itself as America’s first on-chain and independent advocacy organization, which offers a launch pad for the decentralized cryptocurrency community to collaborate with lawmakers.
  • The major aim of this latest Alliance is to encourage Congress to be conclusive and pass “sensible” legislations that safeguard consumers and their right to engage with cryptos.
  • According to the largest crypto exchange in the United States, the Alliance represents a perfect grassroots movement in cryptocurrency. It capitalizes on the current bipartisan legislative momentum within Congress.

What’s happening In Crypto Today?

At the time of this writing, Bitcoin is trading at $29,347.52, with an increase in market cap by 0.16% and an increase in trading volume by 13.89%.

On the side of Ethereum, it is presently trading at $1,840.87, with a drop in market cap by 0.07% and a drop in trading volume by 7.09%.

  • Meanwhile, Tether is currently trading at $0.9986, with an increase in market cap by 0.01% and an increase in trading volume by 4.86%.
  • BNB is currently trading at $239.09, with a drop in market cap by 0.40% and an increase in trading volume by 11.40%.





































































































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