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Columbian Student Rip Diploma in Pro-Palestinian Protest


A Columbian student in a pro-Palestinian protest tore her diploma certificate.

A lot of students are against Columbia’s dealings with Israel.

Tarsis Salome tore her diploma certificate during her college graduation.

Meanwhile, other students did the pro-Palestinian sign in the school hall.

Furthermore, many Columbian students held a “Free Palestine” sticker.

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The police stopped all Student meetings two weeks before the graduation ceremony.

The force ended all students gathering on the school lawns.

Some students were however arrested by the police. This was because of their taking part in the Pro-Palestinian protest.

Moreover, the Pro-Palestinian protests forced Columbia University to set up a simple graduation ceremony.

This is the first time a small graduation has been held at Columbia University.

The school had no other option with the Pro-Palestinian protests.

A spokesman for Columbia University said that ceremonies will be held at the sports complex not far from the school.

The school venue change is because of security issues.

Students in Columbia Carry out Pro-Palestinian Protest

Ivy League colleges in Columbia were at the lead of the Pro-Palestinian protest in April.

Moreover, a lot of Columbia students protested on the south lawn of the university.

Other colleges followed suit with the Pro-Palestinian protest.

Prestigious colleges like Oxford towed the same line in their Pro-Palestinian protest.

The police are doing a lot to calm down Columbia students’ pro-Palestinian protests.

In fact, Columbia serving president Baroness Shafik is keeping her stand on not cutting ties with Israel.

Shafik has said that all projects with Israel like Tel Aviv will continue.

A lot of Students are pressing the government to remove all relations with Israel.

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