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Conflux to Introduce Uniswap v3 With Chinese CNH On Its Platform



A press release in Toronto, Canada, today, April 14, disclosed Conflux’s proposal to deploy Uniswap v3 on its platform with the offshore Chinese Yuan (CNH) stable currency.

China’s only regulatory-compliant blockchain Conflux has suggested establishing Uniswap v3 exchange alongside CNH stable currency.

Also, they propose to join in the Curve Wars via CFX, its mainnet token bridged to eCFX, Ethereum mainnet.

Details of the Proposal

This suggestion came about after an announcement by Binance to support Conflux Network mainnet CFX integration.

The objective is to attract higher initiatives and set up liquidity pools to accelerate the CFX tokens exchange. Also, it aims to execute incentives promoting liquidity, eventually increasing the network’s usage and worth.

After the deployment of Uniswap v3 on Conflux e-Space, the Uniswap community will have access to a wide range of trading opportunities with the USD and CNHC-based pairs.

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Will the Deployment Bring Benefits

This development is rightfully timed when considering the regulatory restrictions that faced the USD-based stablecoins. In addition, projects transacting in currencies outside of USD will significantly benefit from this deployment.

Notably, the Asian project, which can now use the CNH for payments without worrying about fluctuations in the currency, will gain considerably.

Conflux decided to participate in the highly complex DeFi ecosystem to attract the attention of ETH DeFi players.

Furthermore, Conflux cross-chained $CFX on Ethereum, and $eCFX provides a liquidity pair with Ethereum on Curve.

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After an on-chain vote by Curve DAO, the Curve pool, eCFX-ETH, is officially part of the Curve Gauge. The results are stated here.

In addition, the pool mentioned above is available now on Conflux for staking. Thus, users can carry out more activities in the Curve ecosystem.

On the other hand, Curve was operating on various networks before now. But none of the networks initially launched a pool on Curve before welcoming it on their platform.

However, Conflux’s decision to do so shows their efforts to be in contact with the Curve’s community while on Ethereum. Also, the decision provides a new Curve pool for the Asian DeFi projects before a likely launch of Curve on the Conflux eSpace.


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