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Crypto.Com Rolls Out AI-Powered Assistant Amy


Globally, artificial intelligence software is becoming more relevant in many industries.

The popularity is skyrocketing Through several innovative platforms and tools such as DALL-E, ChatGPT 4.0, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, and others.

In a new development, crypto exchange plans to launch its new AI-powered assistant, Amy, for crypto users.

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The Introduction Of An AI-Powered Assistance

On May 2, disclosed the launch of Amy, an AI-powered ChatGPT-based assistant for crypto enthusiasts.

Amy is an innovative assistant developed to revolutionize crypto education for users on the exchange platform.

According to the announcement, Amy will educate users about relevant information concerning the crypto industry.

These include historical events, real-time prices of crypto assets, different crypto projects, and more.

The AI crypto assistance is designed to use ChatGPT as its base. It is undergoing the pilot phase in preparation for its future expansion.

Moreover, the product executive vice president, Abhi Bisarya, noted that the company fully supports the implementation of artificial intelligence in the crypto space.

A spokesperson at stated that there is a huge possibility of wide adoption of this technology, even though it’s still in its early days.

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He noted that it would significantly change several industries’ operations if they carry out the right practices.

He also cited that, for now, users may face some drawbacks with the artificial intelligence pilot. However, through their feedback, the team of developers can effect the necessary changes in the coming upgrades. is known for its innovative products and services, and the launch of Amy is seen as another step in the company’s efforts to stay ahead of the curve in the fast-changing world of cryptocurrency.

Other AI Developments In The Digital Currency Sphere is now among the several exchanges and wallets implementing the power of artificial intelligence in their operations.

A report has it that OKX, a renowned exchange, recently released its AI algorithm aimed at seizing digital asset market volatility.

In another report on April 26, a Web3 infrastructure firm, Solana Labs, revealed that it has deployed its ChatGPT-based plugin.

Based on the report, the system employs artificial intelligence technology to acquire blockchain data that helps assess wallet balances, purchase nonfungible tokens, and transfer digital assets.

On April 27, a digital asset trading platform and crypto exchange, Bitget pledged $10 million to engineer the development of the ecosystem.

It achieved this objective by offering marketing consultations and other services that could support the expansion of the Fetch business network.

Similarly, Binance, the leading crypto exchange, recently launched an artificial intelligence chatbot.

Binance’s bot, similar to that of, typically educates crypto users – part of its Web3 academy program.

Meanwhile, the launch of Amy is expected to be a major boost for, as it seeks to attract new users and expand its reach in the highly competitive cryptocurrency market.

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