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Crypto Market: Binance.US plots Changpeng Zhao Detronement


An exclusive report reveals that seeks for strategies to reduce the ownership of CZ (Changpeng Zhao) in the cryptocurrency exchange.

Zhao wants to offload some of his shares since the second quarter of last year, Binance.US is shaking things up.

They are strategizing on how to dethrone him while conquering the market.

Options Explored by Binance.US to Dethrone Changpeng Zhao

According to reports from The Information, Binance.US, is seriously exploring measures to reduce Zhao’s ownership in the crypto exchange.

This move came after CZ sorted ways to offload a part of his share due to the U.S CFTC (Commodities Futures Trding Commission) lawsuit against Binance.US last year’s summer.

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Ever since the industry’s improvement, The exchanges inspections from the authorities keep increasing.

Binance.US plots to lower CZ’s majority share show the firm’s bold technic for regulatory submission.

And its progressive efforts to demonstrate a trustworthy image within the United States market are for regulation’s sake.

Executives Plots to Improve Reputation among United States Regulators

The possible reduction of CZ’s majority state as the CEO has caused a massive argument among the Binance.US executives.

The reason is that they plan to boost the image of the platform among the United States regulatory authorities.

As per their plan, if they can lower Zhao’s dominant shares, Binance.US plans to show a more favorable picture to the United States authorities.

They plan to also show that they align with their expectations. Binance.US will also display a commitment to compliance.

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The exchange plans to take charge of the worries raised by the regulatory authorities and to improve decentralization and transparency within Binance.

CZ’s ownership reduction is a bold step to gain trust and confidence, externally and internally.

Even though Changpeng Zhao is a Canadian citizen with a yet-to-be-known residence, it didn’t deter Binance.US from intensely exploring options to lower his dominant share.

They believe exchange commitment strengthens its submission efforts and promotes a firm governance structure.

Furthermore,  Binance.US aim to enhance its reputation with U.S. regulators, alleviate possible concerns, and display its commitment to transparent and responsible operations within the crypto market.










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