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Cryptos to Buy in 2024 with a 10X potential


The cryptocurrency market is surging, led by Bitcoin’s remarkable comeback surpassing $70,000.

This bullish momentum has brought several promising underdogs into focus as potential high-growth opportunities.

Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB), with its meme-inspired following, Sui (SUI), addresses blockchain scalability.

Injective (INJ), a decentralized finance protocol for derivatives trading, and the embattled Terra Luna Classic (LUNC), with revival hopes, are among the cryptocurrencies capturing investor interest.

While risky, savvy investors could potentially transform a modest $500 portfolio into a substantial $50,000 by year’s end, leveraging this dynamic crypto rally through strategic investments in these underdogs.

Shiba Inu Coin

Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB), a digital currency initially inspired by internet memes, has made significant progress in the decentralized finance space, backed by a large global community.

This meme-originated cryptocurrency has witnessed rapid growth in both its popularity and market value.

Following a period of fluctuations, SHIB has entered a growth phase. Investor interest has significantly increased, as indicated by a 28% surge over the past month and an impressive 262% rise over the previous year.

This growth can be attributed to several factors, including an increase in trading volumes, the SHIB burn initiative through Shibarium, transactions by whale investors, and the introduction of Shiba Inu’s Layer-2 solution.

Furthermore, the rise of other meme coins such as PEPE, DOGE, Floki, and WIF has also contributed to SHIB’s popularity.

At the moment, the Shiba Inu Coin price is around $0.00002694, following a 2.68% increase in the past 24 hours.

The cryptocurrency’s market capitalization is about $15.8 billion, placing it within the top 12 by market cap and marking it as a significant alternative coin for investors.


Sui (SUI)

Sui (SUI), a groundbreaking Layer 1 blockchain and smart contract platform, has garnered significant attention for its innovative approach to digital asset management.

With a strong emphasis on delivering fast, secure, and universally accessible solutions, Sui has emerged as a disruptive force in the ever-evolving world of decentralized finance (DeFi).

Sui’s blockchain solutions are designed to address the inherent challenges associated with managing digital assets, such as scalability, interoperability, and user experience.

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and a novel architecture, Sui aims to provide a seamless and efficient ecosystem for developers, businesses, and individuals alike.

The recent surge in Sui’s price underscores the growing confidence and interest in this innovative platform.

Over the past 24 hours, the SUI token has experienced a slight decrease with its price trading at $1.71 down by 2% in the last 24 hours.

Sui’s market capitalization currently stands at an impressive $2.22 billion, positioning it among the top cryptocurrencies in terms of market value.

Furthermore, with a 24-hour trading volume of $345 million, Sui has demonstrated its liquidity and strong market demand, solidifying its position as a noteworthy investment option in the cryptocurrency space.

One of the key factors contributing to Sui’s success is its ability to address the scalability challenges faced by many existing blockchain platforms.

By implementing novel techniques such as parallelization and Sharding, Sui aims to achieve high transaction throughput while maintaining decentralization and security.

Moreover, Sui’s emphasis on interoperability and composability allows for seamless integration with other blockchain networks and decentralized applications (dApps).

This approach fosters an ecosystem where developers can leverage the strengths of multiple blockchains, fostering innovation and driving the adoption of decentralized technologies.

As the DeFi landscape continues to evolve, Sui’s positioning as a top coin in terms of total value locked (TVL) further solidifies its reputation as a formidable player in the industry.

With its innovative solutions and growing adoption, Sui is poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of digital asset management and the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.


  1. Injective (INJ)

Injective (INJ) is a ground-breaking first-layer blockchain protocol designed to foster transparency, interoperability, and innovation within the burgeoning DeFi space.

As a pioneering force in this rapidly evolving landscape, Injective has set its sights on driving the widespread adoption of decentralized financial applications by offering a comprehensive suite of robust and user-friendly solutions.

At the core of Injective’s offerings lies a decentralized exchange (DEX) that supports both spot and derivatives trading.

This exchange is built on a lightning-fast, Ethereum-compatible proof-of-stake blockchain, enabling high throughput and low transaction fees.

Notably, Injective’s DEX is the first fully decentralized platform to offer perpetual swaps, a type of derivative contract that allows traders to speculate on the future price movements of various assets without expiration dates.

Beyond its revolutionary DEX, Injective has also ventured into the realm of prediction markets, providing a decentralized platform for users to engage in forecasting events and trading on their outcomes.

This innovative feature not only expands the scope of DeFi applications but also presents exciting opportunities for individuals and organizations to leverage collective intelligence in decision-making processes.

Additionally, Injective has introduced a lending protocol, further diversifying its offerings and catering to the growing demand for decentralized financial services.

This protocol enables users to lend and borrow cryptocurrencies in a secure and trustless manner, fostering greater financial inclusivity and accessibility within the DeFi ecosystem.

Underpinning Injective’s ambitious vision is its native cryptocurrency, INJ. This utility token serves as the backbone of the platform, facilitating transactions, governance, and incentivizing network participants.

The recent surge in INJ’s price, currently standing at $33.54 after a 5.65% increase in the last 24 hours, is a testament to the growing confidence and adoption of Injective’s innovative solutions.

With a live market capitalization of $3.1 billion, INJ has firmly established itself as a major player in the cryptocurrency market, ranking 41th on CoinMarketCap’s list of largest digital assets by market cap.

This impressive market presence shows the significant traction and potential that Injective has garnered within the rapidly evolving DeFi landscape.

One of the key strengths of Injective lies in its unwavering commitment to transparency and interoperability.

By embracing open-source principles and fostering cross-chain compatibility, Injective aims to create an inclusive ecosystem where developers can seamlessly integrate their applications and leverage the collective power of the decentralized finance movement.

As the DeFi sector continues to gain mainstream attention and adoption, Injective’s pioneering efforts in developing a robust, transparent, and interoperable infrastructure position it as a frontrunner in driving the next wave of innovation within this transformative financial paradigm.

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC)

The Terra ecosystem is witnessing a remarkable resurgence, with its native token, Terra Luna Classic (LUNC), at the forefront of this positive momentum.

Terra’s innovative blockchain initiative is redefining the landscape of global payments through its groundbreaking use of fiat-pegged stablecoins, ensuring stable and seamless transactions across borders.

Last month, LUNC’s value experienced a significant surge, jumping by an impressive 17%.

This upswing was propelled by a series of strategic initiatives, including Binance’s token burn program, which aims to reduce the circulating supply of LUNC and potentially increase its scarcity and value.

Moreover, the debut of a USTC perpetual contract and the introduction of new USTC trading pairs for facilitating significant transactions have further contributed to the upward momentum witnessed in the LUNC market.

These developments have not only enhanced trading opportunities but also strengthened the overall ecosystem’s liquidity and adoption.

At present, the Terra Classic price stands at an encouraging $0.0001387, following a 1% increase in the past 24 hours.

With a live market capitalization of $807 million, LUNC has solidified its position as a promising crypto asset, particularly as the broader cryptocurrency market, led by Bitcoin’s rebound, exhibits signs of a broader resurgence.

The resurgence of LUNC is not merely a speculative phenomenon; it is a testament to the transformative potential of Terra’s blockchain ecosystem.

By leveraging the power of stablecoins pegged to fiat currencies, Terra aims to revolutionize cross-border payments and facilitate seamless transactions globally.

It aims to address the long-standing challenges of volatility and inefficiency associated with traditional financial systems.

As the adoption of LUNC and the Terra ecosystem continues to gain traction, it is poised to disrupt the traditional payments landscape, offering businesses and individuals alike a reliable, cost-effective, and borderless means of conducting financial transactions.

With its innovative approach and the backing of a vibrant community, Terra Luna Classic’s resurgence could very well be the harbinger of a new era in global finance, where decentralized technologies reshape the way we perceive and conduct transactions.


In conclusion, the current cryptocurrency bull market has brought several promising altcoins into the spotlight as potential high-growth opportunities.

Meme-inspired Shiba Inu Coin, innovative blockchain platforms like Sui and Injective, and the embattled Terra Luna Classic, with its revival hopes, are capturing investor interest.

While these investments carry inherent risks, strategic allocation in this dynamic rally could potentially yield substantial returns.

As the crypto space continues to evolve and mature, savvy investors who carefully navigate these underdogs may reap significant rewards, underscoring the power of disruptive technologies in shaping the future of finance.


  1. What is the Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB) burn initiative through Shibarium?

The Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB) burn initiative through Shibarium refers to the process of permanently removing a portion of the SHIB token supply from circulation.

Shibarium is the Layer-2 solution being developed for the Shiba Inu ecosystem, and it is expected to implement a token burn mechanism, which could potentially increase the scarcity and value of the remaining SHIB tokens.

  1. How does Sui aim to address the scalability challenges faced by existing blockchain platforms?

Sui aims to address scalability challenges by implementing novel techniques such as parallelization and Sharding. Parallelization allows for multiple transactions to be processed concurrently, while Sharding involves partitioning the blockchain into smaller components, each responsible for processing a subset of transactions.

This approach enables Sui to achieve high transaction throughput while maintaining decentralization and security.

  1. What are perpetual swaps, and why are they significant in the context of Injective’s DEX?

Perpetual swaps are a type of derivative contract that allows traders to speculate on the future price movements of various assets without expiration dates.

Injective’s decentralized exchange (DEX) is the first fully decentralized platform to offer perpetual swaps, which is a significant development as it expands the range of trading opportunities and instruments available in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space.

  1. What is the significance of the USTC perpetual contract and new USTC trading pairs for Terra Luna Classic (LUNC)?

The introduction of a USTC perpetual contract and new USTC trading pairs for facilitating significant transactions has contributed to the upward momentum witnessed in the LUNC market.

These developments have enhanced trading opportunities and strengthened the overall ecosystem’s liquidity and adoption.

The USTC is a Stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, and the perpetual contract and new trading pairs provide investors with additional instruments to trade and hedge their positions in the Terra ecosystem.

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