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David Goffin Condemns Roland-Garros Spectators: “Unacceptable Disrespect”


David Goffin faced unexpected hostility from the spectators at Roland-Garros on Tuesday evening. This occured after his hard-fought victory against Giovanni Mpetshi Perricard.

His triumph in the gruelling five-set match, didn’t stop the Belgian tennis player from receiving whistles and a cold reception from the French crowd.

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‘The audience’s behaviour during the post-match press conference was very disappointing’ said Goffin

He remarked that the French public’s actions were sometimes disrespectful and exceeded acceptable limits.

Goffin’s comments highlighted his disappointment with the lack of sportsmanship displayed by the spectators.

He also shed light on an issue that has been a point of contention for players who experience intense crowd reactions at major tournaments.

David Goffin shocked by the spectators after his victory against Giovanni Mpetshi Perricard

After winning the match in five sets, Goffin felt that the French public’s behaviour crossed the line of respect, as he explained in a press conference.

Known for their passionate but sometimes harsh support, the Roland-Garros crowd again showed their favoritism.

They fervently encouraged Frenchman Giovanni Mpetshi Perricard during their intense five-set first-round clash at the Parisian Grand Slam. And they gave the cold shoulder to his opponent, David Goffin.

Even after securing a hard-fought victory, Goffin, a former world No. 7, was on the receiving end of the crowd’s displeasure.

Every mistake he made was met with applause, and his moments of frustration were greeted with hisses.

This treatment got under his skin, leading him to respond with a smile and a hand-to-ear gesture at the end of the match, as if to say, “I can’t hear you.”

After the match, Goffin didn’t hold back during the press conference.

He expressed frustration at being so coldly received, noting that the French public’s behaviour often crossed the line of respect.

He highlighted how discouraging it was to face not just his opponent on the court but also the hostile reactions from the stands.

His remarks shed light on athletes’ emotional and mental challenges when dealing with unsupportive or antagonistic spectators.

Moreover, his words emphasized the need for more tremendous respect and sportsmanship from the audience.

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