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Digital Treasures Center Changed Brand name to dtcpay



DTC (digital Treasures Center) has changed its brand to dtcpay displaying its commitment to digital payments. This change includes the color, name and  tone etc. Notably, DTC announced the upgrade on Thursday, April 13 2023.

As a result, the brand will now be called “dtcpay” moving forward, representing its commitment towards digital payments.

As far back as 2019, the Digital Treasures Center has been bridging traditional finance and digital assets to assist both digital and fiat currency payment structures.

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Reasons for the Rebranding

According to the group’s recently appointed CEO statement Kanny Lee, the inspiration for the rebranding came from the businesses that already put their trust in dtcpay.

He goes further to say that even the colors for the rebranding were carefully chosen so that they can display their new message. Starting from

“the orange color to the blue, vibrant pink, and purple, the latest palette catches the excitement of the world which is waiting to be explored” says Lee.

Furthermore, Lee made mentioned that “DTC has also regained its tone of voice, where it speaks to its business partners to assist them quicken digital adoption”.

As per Lee’s statement, Singapore, Tokyo, and Hong Kong which are tier 1 in Asia’s financial capitals have seen a higher level of digital adoption.

Primarily, it was due to their transparent regulatory standards for digital financial inclusion. Kanny added that dtcpay’s objective is to solidify its position within the APAC region by getting a license in Hong Kong.

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Expectations of Hong Kong

As per Lee’s statement, the platform is planning to expand its business operations toward Hong Kong.The aim is to take advantage of the region’s

“expanding acceptance of the digital payments as well as its major focal point as the entrance to the largest consumer market worldwide”.

Dtcpay is appropriately regulated and completely licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Also, it is looking forward to getting the Hong Kong license.

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Back Story

In early April, dtcpay also merged with WeChat Pay to spread its offerings to Chinese nationals.

In addition, the company has handled more than S$50 million just in transactions in this first quarter of 2023.

It also launched an electronic money pilot program named eSGD to ensure a smoother and more secure payment experience.

With this latest rebranding, dtcpay will welcome another chapter in the ever-growing payment industry.

Also, it can still retain its leading edge in technology and ensure security as well as compliance for its customers throughout the network.

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