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Donald Trump to Launch New NFTs, But There’s an Issue Here


The non-fungible tokens of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, will hit the market.

On April 18, Donald Trump announced launching his new batch of non-fungible tokens collection following the huge success of his first launch.

In a post on his social media account, the former US President disclosed a new series of NFT comprising 47,000 tokens.

This number shows an increase of 2000 NFTs above the first batch minted on the Polygon network. Notably, he still maintains the same price of each Token of $99 as the first series.

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Trump’s Reasons for the Launch

Trump claims that his reason for the new batch of Non-fungible Token cards is to bring real-life advantages to buyers.

These benefits include an invitation to enjoy a gala dinner with Donald Trump. There may even be a meet-and-greet with the 45th president of the United States.

This news from the former President is making waves among Trump supporters and NFT enthusiasts.

Same Minting Price

In his announcement on Truth Social, Trump mentioned the selling price of NFTs in the market increased because of the increasing demand. But he still refused to increase the price of the new NFTs.

Trump wanted to assist his supporters, and fans make money and “have fun while doing it.”

He further said, “I could have increased the price higher if I wanted to and still sell well, making huge profit at the same time. However, I choose not to do so. I wouldn’t be given any nice guy award”.

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But there may Be A Catch.

But then, the holders of the first batch of Trump’s NFTs are unhappy. Launching this new series of tokens crashed the collection’s floor price.

According to data, the lowest price of Trump’s non-fungible tokens went from 0.4 ETH to around 0.1 ETH after announcing the new batch release.

donald trump 2

Source: Coingecko Charts of Trump NFT Collection Prices

If you are to consider Trump’s fortune estimated at more than $2,5 billion, you will realize that there wasn’t any need for the former President to trade off the NFT series.

So it may be that he truly wanted to assist his followers and fans in making money through an enjoyable process. Unfortunately, those who bought the first release are losing money now.

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