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EDCON 2023 Brings Vitalik Buterin To Light


It seems that the highly anticipated Montenegro Community Ethereum Development Conference 2023 will be the Summit of the industry’s brightest minds. It features Vitalik Buterin as a speaker.


The long-awaited EDCON 2023 will commence on May 19 to May 23 in the beautiful town of Podgorica Montenegro. It is one of the largest summits of the blockchain and Ethereum communities.

EDCON is a yearly worldwide Ethereum conference that brings researchers, developers, and enthusiasts together. All these people came over from around the world to talk about the latest development within the Ethereum ecosystem.


EDCON is a non-profitable organization with a focus to serve the Ethereum community. As a result, it facilitates interaction and communication between its members.

The organizers of the EDCON conference are ETHPlanet, De University of Ethereum, and Linktime.

Since 2017, this particular conference has garnered the attention of more than 10,000 attendees, more than 2000 developers, more than 300 speakers, above 450 projects, more than 400 supporters, and more than 300,000 online views.

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EDCON 2023 Highlights

This year’s EDCON will bring the brightest minds of the Ethereum community together.

These include; the co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, Network State author, Balaji Srinivasan, co-founder of Gitcoin, Scott Moore, Primavera De Filippi, Blockchain researcher at CNRS and Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University, Ethereum Foundation’s Tim Beiko, Ethereum Foundation’s Barry Whitehat, Cy Li, Director of the De University of Ethereum, and many more blockchain research leaders and project heads.

The full list of the participators is uploaded here.

The Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin is appointed as a speaker at the conference. He will be speaking on the present condition of Blockchain as well as delivering a surprise announcement concerning student education support.

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Discussion of Blockchain and Ethereum Technology

This summit of the Expert Panel of veteran researchers and developers will offer absolute insight into the plans of Ethereum.

Furthermore, organizations or individuals will present their projects geared towards upgrading Ethereum technology and ecosystem to the panel of judges at the EDCON Super Demo competition.

At the end of the Super Demo competition, the best 3 teams will have the privilege to display their projects to the whole world on the major EDCON conference stage.

Adding to the presentations and speeches, the Community Ethereum Development Conference 2023 will provide educational activities as well.

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The aim is to welcome newcomers to the Blockchain space. Also, to give the newcomers a basic understanding of the technology mainly via educational content developed by the Ethereum Foundation members and industry leaders.

Meanwhile, the SEE region and Montenegro are especially interesting areas to increase awareness about blockchain technology.

Most especially, since they are the base of a dynamic and vibrant community of tech innovators and entrepreneurs.

The EDCON conference will showcase the potential of Ethereum and other technologies to inspire a higher number of people to become involved in the field as well as explore its exciting opportunities.

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