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Ellen DeGeneres Makes a Comeback After Been Off the Spotlight


The popular world-famous comedian had quite a rough year in 2022.

Her talk show came to a standstill in 2022. Top producers of the show stated that the work environment was toxic.

Allegations such as racism, intimidation, and sexual harassment were brought to the notice of the public.  This was indeed a trying period for the once-busy Ellen.

Ellen claimed not to have any knowledge of what was happening at the time in the workspace.

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The closure of the show was a great hit for Ellen. She went out of the pubic gaze to lie low at the flip houses alongside Portia.

Rumors kept flying in the air but Ellen kept her cool

She did come to realize that her popular adage to “be kind to one another” does not apply in the real world.

In her comeback statement, she mentioned her fallout in the past as a product of being an immature manager.

On April 24th, 2024 made her first appearance on a set in Los Angeles. She had to clear off the air and like usual on a comic note.

She announced that a new show will kick off. This show “Ellen’s Last Stand-up Tour” is programmed to be on Netflix Special.

Ellen further opines that she is picked upon for many reasons including that of being gay.

Ellen was lively all through the show on Wednesday as she joked about all that transpired with the last show.

She recounted how it was so hard to look up at the news with the flying reports on her.

The show in April ended with questions taken from the anxious-filled audience.

DeGeneres said the fall to grass negatively affected her life and partner Portia.

She talked so highly of Portia’s input in keeping her sane all through those dark days.

When asked if she did her customary dance after the fallout show; she said it is hard to break out in a dance when in tears.

She ended the show with tales of how she spent her time gardening and in the Gorilla conservation campus.

DeGeneres does believe that the worst that could happen to her in the entertainment industry has been dealt with. Successfully.


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