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Elon Musk Stops Non-subscribers From Running Ads


Source: Twitter post

According to Twitter, every account on Twitter has to subscribe to the legacy Twitter Blue before running ads.

And presently, it seems Twitter needs all advertisers to verify their checkmarks as its legacy blue checkmark scheme may end finally.

Commercial accounts spending more than $1000 every month shouldn’t worry because they have gold checks.

Also, they can keep running adverts without interruptions.

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More Details about the Story

On April 21, Twitter announced that users who didn’t subscribe to the platform aren’t allowed to run ads. This notice became effective on April 21.

After this notice, came the removal of Twitter’s legacy blue checkmarks from the millions of accounts on Twitter.

Elon Musk’s using this aggressive scheme to draw in more subscriptions. It might cause a reduction in the already declining ad revenue for the platform.

However, the organization has hopes of drawing in additional revenue through subscriptions.

Various individuals and businesses that were stripped of the blue legacy will have no other choice but to subscribe to the new checkmark.

Vast Verification Game Plan

elon musk

Source: freepik

Twitter (the micro-blogging platform) sent notice to its advertisers with the title ‘Building a better Twitter through verification’.

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The notice states that “from April 21, your account must acquire a verified checkmark, Subscribe to Twitter Blue or Verified Organization to run ads.

This change is to Twitter’s broader verification game plan which is to increase the quality of content on Twitter.

Also, the strategy plans to improve your experience as an advertiser and a user.

In addition to the other features, users will also gain an additional visible organic presence and wider ranges of creation tools”.

Twitter’s Advert Revenue Predicted to Fall

Twitter’s advert revenue has been predicted to fall 2023 by 28%.

An analyst’s report from Insider Intelligence said that they were cutting an initial global revenue estimate of $4.74 billion.

From the amount, more than one-third to $2.98B in trust on Twitter diminishes.

According to Jasmine Enberg, Principal Analyst at Insider Intelligence statement, “The major issue with the platform’s adverts business is that the advertisers no longer trust Musk.

She further said that Twitter had to separate Musk’s brand from that of the firm’s corporate image.

This will help the platform gain back the trust of advertisers and regain ad dollars.

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