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England and Wales Law Commission has Proposed Separate Laws for Crypto as Collateral


The United Kingdom Law Commission has made a groundbreaking proposal of developing a customized structure to speed up the usage of cryptos as collateral.

The UK Law Commission put forward a major suggestion of approving cryptocurrency assets as a new form of property.

The recognition will offer a strong legal foundation for digital assets as well as allow businesses and individuals to make use of the digital assets confidently.

The reason for treating digital assets as property is that the commission wants to make sure of legal certainty and clarity while transacting with these groundbreaking financial tools.

UK Law Commission Recommendations

The United Kingdom Law Commission also recommends the creation of expert panels as well as enforcing a legal structure around cryptocurrency collateral arrangements.

According to the report, the existing rules which surround making use of cryptocurrency as collateral is “not adequate.”

It cannot handle the limitations placed on them.

That is why, the panel can help the UK to develop a customized legal framework that “better speeds up the emergence into the operation and implementation of collateral arrangements regarding crypto-assets and crypto-tokens.”

As per the report released on June 28, the commission recommended forming a panel that includes professors, judges, and lawyers who are in charge of making particular recommendations.

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In addition, the work of this panel will be to work as advisers and help the court in handling complex matters regarding digital assets.

On the other hand, the judicial system can then take advantage of this panel filled with expert professionals who are well-versed in the complexities of cryptocurrency to handle legal issues involving cryptos.

Their recommendations comprise legislation for a clear category of individual property, building an industry-specific panel, law reform for clarity, and enforcing a tailored legal structure on cryptocurrency collateral arrangements.

The recommendations made by the Law Commission are in line with the United Kingdom government’s idea of placing the country as a top hub for digital assets.

Moreover, it recognizes the possibility of economic innovation and growth.

That’s why, the government has been active in investigating regulatory measures which can administer a supportive atmosphere for the cryptocurrency industry.

So, by putting a solid legal structure in place, the United Kingdom can now attract businesses from all over the world.

This will in turn benefit the UK’s reputation for flexible common law customs, reliability, and the use of the English language.























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