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ETH May Aggressively Surpass Bitcoin In the Coming Cycle Warns Macro Expert


In an interview with Altcoin Daily on 19 March, the Macro Guru Raoul Pal predicts that Ethereum is likely to outperform Bitcoin in the coming cycle.



According to Raoul Pal, the fundamentals and techniques of BTC and ETH is suggesting that Ethereum which is the second to the largest crypto may exponentially surpass Bitcoin in the next circle. Check out this between Bitcoin and Ethereum, you will notice a huge wedge.


“If this wedge continues, you will see Ethereum doing 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x what Bitcoin is doing in the coming run. Besides, Ethereum may not even be the best crypto in performance” says Pal.

During the interview with the crypto-based YouTube channel Altcoin Daily last Wednesday 15 March, Raoul Pal revealed that his eyes are on the Ethereum chart against Bitcoin.

Pal says the Ethereum/Bitcoin pair collides inside a wedge. Moreover, a breakout is likely to send Ethereum to a rally which will leave BTC in the back seat.

According to his statement last Wednesday, a break of the $2,000 level will be the last confirmation to show that the pattern has begun.

During his interview with Altcoin Daily, Pal goes on to say, Ethereum could attain $10,000 by 2024. “I don’t see why it’s not about $10,000, no reason at all. After all, it is a decent upside from here”.

More Predictions

When you come to fundamentals, the Real Vision CEO thinks that ETH is leading and its addressable market is much broader than that of Bitcoin.

“Ethereum has a wider basis architectural protocol which can be developed” BTC doesn’t have that, its use case is quite different so it is not likely to become as big,” says Pal.

To solidify the breakout, Pal suggests that the Ethereum versus Bitcoin pair should take out the resistance of about 0.077 BTC ($2,115). At the time of the writing, ETH/BTC is trading at 0.0639 BTC ($1,755).

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