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Everything you must know about starting your beauty clinic


The beauty industry has been growing rapidly in the last few decades and now caters to men and women across all age groups.

Due to rising incomes, an increase in the working population, urbanization growth, and technological advancement, the industry offers great opportunities and business prospects.

Opening your salon can be a perfect opportunity to become your boss and be more independent.

To help you turn your dream into a reality, here is a comprehensive guide towards starting your beauty clinic.

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Types of salon in the beauty industry

  1. High street salons

Eye-catching posters, eye-catching colored posters are what most people picture when it has to do with hair and beauty salons.

According to a report by the UK’s hair and beauty industry authority (HABIA), there are 1,512 nail bars, 35,704 hair salons, and 13,000 beauty salons.

They offer complimentary health, beauty, hair treatments, and nail art. Most hairdressers and beauty therapists learn the craft and spend virtually their entire careers in them.

  1. Spa salons

Spa salons offer an upmarket service and are often hidden in hotels and country clubs.

Establishing spa salons in these places is to provide luxury to customers who make patronage.

  1. Mobile salons

Here, beauty therapists and hairdressers offer home service to customers. It is relatively low cost to set up, and you can cater to the needs of customers with mobility issues or who cannot make it to a salon facility.

Many mobile hair stylists cut members’ hair in just one session, so you must be skilled at barbing and hairdressing if you consider undertaking this route.

The disadvantage of this system is that much time is spent on transit, whereas working in a salon, you will be stationary at a place and making more or less the same amount.

Services offered at a beauty clinic

  1. Hair care

This includes the following services.

  • Haircuts & styling for men, women, and children
  • Perm & straightening.
  1. Facial treatments

This includes:

  • Basic facials.
  • Moisturizing facials.
  • Deluxe facials
  • Acne treatments
  1. Advanced facial treatments

This includes:

  • Milk peeling.
  • Derma roller.
  • Micro-Dermabrasion.
  • Freckle bleaching.
  1. Anti-ageing treatments

There are:

  • Sea C spa treatment.
  • Collagen 90-11.
  • Electro Ionization.
  1. Eye treatment center

Here, services such as the following are offered

  • Eyelash perm
  • Eye rejuvenating treatment
  • Eyelash extension
  • Eyelash shaping
  • Eyebrow and lash tint
  1. Makeup services

This includes:

  • Wedding specials
  • Event Makeup
  1. Body massage

It includes the following service provisions:

  • Swedish massage
  • Foot massage
  • Chair massage
  1. Nail care

This includes:

  • Pedicure
  • Acrylic nail
  • Manicure
  • Paraffin dip for feet and hands.
  1. Waxing
  • Face waxing
  • Body waxing
  1. Body fitness and shaping
  • Face shaping
  • Body shaping of the abdomen& waist, legs & arms, hips & thighs.

Steps in starting a business clinic:

  1. Prepare a business plan

Detailed planning before kickstarting every business is very important. A good business plan should have components like financing, marketing, pricing & discounting, market research, products, etc. You should also include key points like available funds, monthly rentals, products, interiors, target customers, monthly income, and the expected return on investment of the beauty clinic.

To prepare a good business plan for your new beauty salon, you need to conduct a brief market research and analyze the prices and services of competitors in your area.

After identifying customers in your area, deciding on the services and prices your salon can offer is important. These can be of 3 types, namely:

  1. Economy: This provides only basic services and uses products of moderately low prices.
  2. Business: It offers high-quality middle-range prices, and more professional staff are hired to offer consultation and advice.
  3. Premium: They provide higher-end services, employ professionals with higher degrees and certificates, new technologies, and use higher-priced products.
  4. Choose a location.

The location of a business is essential to its success.

Below are factors that should be considered in choosing the right place:

  1. Gain entry into a high–traffic area: You should be on the lookout for places close to where people visit, like grocery stores, busy streets, and malls.
  2. Easy access to the business place: If parking is quite stressful and traffic is high on the way to your beauty salon, people might reconsider entering.
  3. Avoid direct competition: Do not situate yourself directly opposite or next to an existing beauty salon; rather, try to get a place where your salon is the only existing one within walking distance.
  4. Make an order for equipment.

You must be strategic when deciding on the equipment to buy and lease. A list of needed wants and items will help your purchase decision. Therefore, making decisions based on your financial analysis and budget is advisable, as this will reduce debts to the barest minimum.

Hair salon equipment:

While there is a bubbling excitement in purchasing equipment and decor in starting up your own business, you need to remember that these items come at a price, which could be high.

Equipment for running a beauty clinic makes up quite a large portion of the startup costs, and many new entrepreneurs tend to overdo it. Making a list of materials and equipment needed for your salon will help keep a check on your expenses.

Every salon needs the following:

  • Salon stations: This includes chairs, mirrors, and storage space for products.
  • Drying stations for coloring services.
  • Shampooing stations have a chair, shampoo container, and product storage space.

The quantity of equipment depends on your salon’s size and the number of employees. In most salons, each employee has a salon station, but hair stylists with different work schedules can share a station.

To make your beauty center feel comfortable, creating a reception area with good cushion chairs and a smart-looking front desk officer will give a welcoming aura to your business place. You can make a POS machine available to ease customer payment and display promotional offers at the front desk.

  1. To run a business without hitches, you need to deal with paperwork. Depending on the location of your business, you may require a license from the local government, municipal corporation, GST number, or a professional tax license. A few other licenses, such as fire safety, are required to run a beauty clinic.
  2. Hire trained personnel

The cosmetic procedures done by untrained personnel can cause health problems to clients. It is imperative to hire qualified and well-trained professionals in your beauty salon.

Before commencing the interview process for employees, you should list the qualities you seek in an ideal candidate.

Below are the requirements to be considered.

  • Skill set: The candidate’s capacity to learn and skill set are important to note during an interview session. Also, set a minimum of years of experience for applicants to have a level of skill delivery. It is also important that you have an expectation of stylist proficiency in coloring.
  • Attitude: The attitude of candidates and work ethic measure their dependability, teamwork, and customer service.
  • Personality: In considering an applicant, the personality should meet the business culture infused in the beauty clinic.
  1. Outline your services and offerings.

The services you offer are the centerpiece of your beauty clinic and should have a reflection of your trademark and concept. Service description is a great marketing tool for bringing new customers to your salon. Your description should be brief and appealing to your prospective customers.

  1. Create a marketing plan.

This is the next step that should be taken after you have outlined your services and products to the public. Creating a viable marketing plan will help ensure new customers’ entry and keep customers loyal to your services. Examples of marketing strategies you can use are social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, WhatsApp, and YouTube, as they cover a wide range of audiences.

Some marketing tips:

  • Be listed in online directories

You must ensure your business is listed in online directories to be featured in digital searches.

  • Make partnerships with small businesses.

Partnering with another business in your community will widen your reach and improve your brand’s reputation. You could also incorporate events with your partners and offer exclusive customer experience.

  • Offer referral discounts

Offering a discounted price on a service offered to a customer who refers another client will go a long way in promoting customer loyalty and spreading the good word in your community about your business.

  • Manage online review

Customers tend to trust a business based on the ratings and reviews made by other users. It is, therefore, important that you address every review.

  • Provide incentives

Loyal clients are deserving of special treatment in the form of incentives. These incentives include special promotions, punch cards, and discount rates for loyalists.

  • Making use of social media

Your social media page is a place for bringing your customers closer to you. Connecting with other businesses in your area, engaging your target market, and sharing some of your services will help build your credibility and brand with the public.

  1. Project how much money you need at startup.

Starting a business can involve a lot of money, and most entrepreneurs cannot start making a profit in 3 to 5 years of operation.

Consider the following parameters when setting up a beauty clinic.

  • Can you cater for yourself when your business kicks off operation? Calculate how much money is needed for monthly expenses, how much savings you have, and how much you can take out of your savings monthly to stay afloat.
  • Have an operating budget.

Calculate the monthly money required to run the business, including rent, training, licensing, payroll, emergency funds, and supplies.

  • Estimate how much your charge will be for services.

When you have a functional budget, you will know how much money can be set as breakeven monthly. To make a profit, you need to estimate how many services (like haircuts, hair coloring, manicures, pedicures, hairstyling, etc.) can be performed in a week.

  • Do you require a business loan?

All it requires is making inquiries from your bank on loan procedures and the requirements for procuring it.

  • Make plans for tax payments.

Paying tax as a small business owner differs from what is obtainable for individuals, so ensure you make all necessary inquiries concerning tax payments at your business location.

Source of finance

Big banks hesitate to invest in beauty clinics as they often see it as a high-risk business.

Below is a list of alternative finance options available for you.

  1. Microloan: Procuring a microloan is easy and requires little paperwork because you do not need an expansive business credit history. Emphasis is placed on a detailed business plan for loan approval.
  2. SBA loans: SBA loans offer low rates and fast payback options to clients. These features make it accessible to small businesses. However, to qualify for a loan, you need a great credit score, so it is not an option for immediate funding.
  3. Alternative lenders: Alternate lenders are accessible and tend to be more immediate than other sources of capital. Consider a term loan, credit card, or asset-based loan if you require a quick loan.
  4. Equipment Financing: In starting a beauty clinic, basic equipment such as chairs, sinks, hair dryers, and mirrors are required. With equipment financing, you can get a loan with upfront payments to start up nicely.

Also, leasing is a viable option to reduce the upfront cost of beauty equipment. Some lenders provide equipment financing, of which the equipment is collateral in the case of default in payment.


A beauty clinic can be a steady and profitable business venture with adequate preparation and a well-detailed business plan. Finding a niche for your business will help in attracting loyal clients.

The success of your new business is dependent on having a good culture, well-skilled employees, and a good grasp of what its services are worth.

With the know-how and a little patience, you will make a fortune in this amazing area of livelihood.


  1. What are the services offered in a beauty clinic?

Aside from hair styling, services such as manicures and pedicures, facial treatment, makeup, massages, and hair conditioning are provided.

  1. What makes a beauty clinic stand out?

An effective way of making your beauty center stand out is by consistently providing exceptional client experiences.

  1. What attracts clients to a beauty clinic?

Word-of-mouth referrals by satisfied clients, online ratings, and reviews are the best ways of attracting new customers.

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