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Experts to Investors, Don’t Sell Your XRP Before Summary Judgment


Experts strongly advise users against making hasty judgments, notably selling XRP before the summary judgment. This is in light of recent stories speculating on the lawsuit’s probable conclusion.

This belief is consistent with the idea that XRP might potentially see a big increase in value after the resolution of the legal matter.

The stakes are high, and the uncertainty is noticeable as the cryptocurrency world prepares for a significant decision that could have widespread impacts on the industry.

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Experts Advice Users To Think Twice Before Selling XRP

The head of the social adoption at XRP Healthcare and CEO of Alpha Lions Academy, Edoardo Farina, highlighted on his social handle that selling XRP before the US SEC and Ripple litigation resolution would be the worst move investor could make.

The statement by the CEO of Alpha Lion Academy has caused a range of reactions from the general public. The majority of investors agree with his point.

However, some have claimed that the community may face another year of uncertainty due to the ongoing lawsuits’ extraordinary delay. While others insist on selling off their coins, expecting that the coin will dip more in the future.


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Additionally, XRP was selected as the top cryptocurrency option for the upcoming Bull Run. A  notable crypto personality BitBoy, earlier said that the ongoing legal dispute had limited the asset’s potential.

He thinks that XRP would outperform other assets in the following market upswing if the case results in an agreement that it is not a security.

The influencer said, “However, winning the case against the SEC will not immediately cause a meteoric rise in the price of XRP.”

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According to BitBoy Crypto, the SEC must not appeal the case’s decision, and XRP must no longer be regarded as a security before the price of the remittance token can increase.

XRP Community Finds Resilience in Coinbase’s Litigation Against SEC

The news that the SEC is being sued by Coinbase, the largest exchange in the US, has energized the XRP community.

Following a petition for regulation submitted to the SEC in July of last year, Coinbase filed a lawsuit against the SEC in the US Circuit Court on April 24.

In response to the petition, the regulator was asked to create and approve regulatory advice for the cryptocurrency sector. Coinbase wants the SEC to respond to a series of questions clearly and concisely due to the litigation.

The XRP community views this legal action as a positive step because it could contribute to the cryptocurrency industry’s urgent need for regulatory clarification.

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