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Famous Magician David Copperfield Accused of Multiple Sexual Misconduct


Screen famous magician David Copperfield is publicly dragged by 16 women for sexual misconduct.

All sixteen women claim that David had dealt inappropriately with them.

The sex allegations levied against David Copperfield are between the late 1980s and 2014.

However, David’s representative told BBC that all charges were “False and scurrilous”.

He also said that they are “The exact opposite of who David is”.

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According to the Guardian report some of these offenses happened when the ladies were below 18 years old.

Three out of the 16 young ladies claim that David Copperfield had drugged them before lying with them.

Additionally, they said that he didn’t have their permission before the sexual act.

Another four of these ladies claim that they were forced by magician David to sexually touch him during live performances.

One of the ladies said she met Copperfield when she was only 15 years old in 1991.

However, they maintained contact over the years with the help of phone calls.

She claims to have had consensual sex at 18 years old with the magician. After all, it felt right since she was mature.

Copperfield lawyers came forward in a newspaper to state that no grooming happened.

Though the lawyers acknowledge that magician David Copperfield had a relationship with the lady.

David Copperfield Lawyers Publicly Defend His Character

During an interview session with BBC David Copperfield’s lawyers said that all allegations against him were false.

They also said that David is the exact opposite of who the ladies label him as.

Moreover, according to the lawyers, “David has a record of risking his career to help protect women from powerful predators”.

They also pointed out that in the past allegations like these were made and were later found to be untrue.

Furthermore, David has asked the women to provide evidence of his sexual misconduct.

Until this moment no evidence has been presented.

David Copperfield has received 21 Emmy Awards and 11 Guinness World Records.

He is also one of the best magicians in all of America.

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