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Famous TikToker Miranda Derrick Fears for Her Life


Miranda Derrick had lived a peaceful life with her husband, James.

However, things took a U-turn after the release of Dancing for the Devil.

Currently, the influencer is sorely afraid for her life and James.

Recently, Miranda has been getting the internet’s dark side.

She has been the focus of attention since the release of Dancing for the Devil: 7M TikTok Cult.

Miranda’s family alleged to have no access to her during the docuseries.

Her family had cut all ties when she joined 7M Films three years ago.

Miranda and her husband, James, joined the Robert Shinn organization in 2020.

The group has ties with a Shekinah church.

Furthermore, several times, Miranda and her spouse’s car have been followed by haters.

They have also received hate mail and death threats as well.

Someone once told Miranda, “If I see you on the street, I’m going to come and get you, so you better get security.”

Moreover, Miranda and James Derrick have had to deal with other similar threats.

TikTok Docuseries Separate Miranda Derrick from Family

Miranda Derrick has not been on good terms with her family in the last few years.

The uneasy relationship became worse after the documentary.

However, her family thought Dancing for the Devil docuseries would smoothen things.

Miranda’s family is trying so hard to be on her good side.

According to them, Miranda reached out to them in 2023 after a long silence.

Her family’s participation in the TitTok Docuseries hurt Miranda a great deal.

She felt betrayed that her family had made a revelation about some personal things.

Moreover, the project slowed down her online activities.

The influencer thinks that the TikTok docuseries was one-sided.

However, her sister Melanie thinks otherwise.

She said Miranda and James have refused to get together with the family.

Conversely, Miranda said her family has refused to accept her religious beliefs.

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