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Fantastic Side Hustles That Pay Over $148 a Day


Long gone are the days when employees depend solely on a monthly paycheck.

Many are towing the part of doing a side hustle to supplement a salary job.

The COVID-19 incident opened the eyes of many to the unending possibilities in the gig economy.

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Side hustles are the talk going around the internet.

Bills keep piling up with not enough paycheck to cover the expenses.

It is a way of escape from financial hardship to a whole lot of persons.

Making money is possible in our modern society by the help of freelance paying platforms.

Leveraging on your skill, interest, and knowledge is the new way of making money aside a nine to five job.

Get to know all that there is on making over $148 every day from a side hustle.

Top 10 Side Hustles that will amaze you

Net Credit Research did a study in early 2024 on the number of freelance jobs posted on the Fiverr site.

These gigs analyzed in January involved projects that had to be submitted to the Fiverr clients within 24 hours.

Here are some of the top side hustles that give an average of $148 daily returns.

  • Digital Marketing

Some great marketing areas to gear your focus on are social media management, content writing, and affiliate marketing.

Others are SEO consulting, email marketing, and influencer marketing. Let’s take them one after the other.

Digital marketers in the United States earn an average of $178 a day for a single project.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are viable advertising tools.

They put out your products and services to your target audience.

Brands connect with their customers through social media channels. It serves as an avenue to get noticed by bands and sell your content.

You are tasked as a social media to manage the online presence of brands and provide customer support service and data analysis.

  • Content Writing

This is a great side hustle that is sure to put cool cash into your hands. This is a tool for communicating and connecting with others online.

The secret to success here is taking on a niche that best suits your personality.

You can choose to create content centered on sales, infographics, beauty lifestyle, and education.

Going into blog writing is also a good side hustle to engage in.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing simply involves partnering with brands to increase sales traffic. Commissions are earned whenever an order is completed through the affiliate link.

This side hustle can be done by using your blog, and social media channels. One key factor is having a large number of followers as it will heighten sales traffic.

  • SEO Consulting

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps to improve the visibility of a website on search engines.

A large number of businesses have their website on Google.

The competition is quite tough and requires the help of SEO to rank high on the Google search pages.

The SEO consultant seeks to boost the search engine ranking of businesses.

A whole lot is involved in achieving this feat including creating quality content.

The Google Search Guidelines proffers needed help.

You are to look into the weak areas of a business website, meta description, mobile friendliness, and broken links.

  • Email Marketing

A lot of companies are leveraging emails to send out their products and services to prospective clients.

It has been around for decades and will be for years to come.

Your part in the success of businesses is to improve email campaigns.

This is achieved by creating opt-in forms, personalizing subscribers’ emails, and creating appealing email subjects.

Always remember that people are more likely to open emails with a gripping subject line.

  • Influencer Marketing.

This is a win-win situation for brands and influencers.

The brands leverage the large follower base of influencers to get the word about their product offerings.

Influencers on the other hand get paid commissions for each sale made through their link.

Simply create a social media account, choose a niche, and regularly post engaging content.

You are most likely to grow your audience over time which in return will attract the interest of bands.

Another fun way of getting brands’ attention is doing product reviews. This will increase the number of your followers and raise promotional pay.

  • Mobile APP Developer

Taking your idea to the next level of reality is sure to make you some cool cash on the side. Do you have a sound knowledge of coding and app development? If yes, then put out our app on platforms like the Google Play Store, and Apple Store for downloads. More downloads mean more money for you.

  • Presentation Design

The advent of AI has made video presentation easier for creators of stories, images, ideas, and words. It is well crafted with vivid pictures that appeal to the audience’s mind.

Do ensure that you keep your presentation simple, user-friendly, and audience-ready. Sites like Canva and Visme help to bring creators’ ideas to life.

  • Website Designer

Do you know about website design? It is simply about combining images, text, graphics, and videos to build or recreate a website. Companies of all sizes across the world need website designers to create logos and manage their websites. You can earn up to $9,000 for just building a small business website

  • Songwriter

Get ready to start earning from what you enjoy doing in your spare time. Songwriters are in high demand with musicians in search of lyrics. This is one side hustle that will make you tons of cash in the shortest possible time.

Singing your prepared lyrics if you have a great voice is sure to get you popularity for wealth in the future days. This is a side hustle that can be left for posterity.

  • 3D Industrial Designer

Software tools are available to create digital photos. Some industrial software in use are Autodesk Fusion, Rhino, and SolidWorks. Learning and applying this skill is sure to supplement your regular work earnings.

  • Brand Style Designing

This simply involves creating a brand concept that suits the ideology and offerings of a business. It revolves around the logo, blog website, advert, and other marketing services.

  • Artificial intelligence spokesperson

It takes just a few minutes to create an AI spoke personal video. The interesting part of using an AI presenter is that it offers translation in over 120 languages. The shortness of time on creating these videos will not in any way disrupt your daily paying job.

Simple steps to follow in generating an AI spoke person content are:

  • Select a template that appeals to you.
  • Choose an avatar that best describes your video narrative.
  • Insert your text into the space provided.
  • Customize the text generated to suit your idea.
  • Edit, generate, and share the video.
  • Packaging and Labeling Design

Do you have a flair for designing products? This is a real chance to take up your skill as a side hustle. It is all about understanding the needs of your client to give the best solution. Freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr connect designers with ready clients.

  • UX Design

User experience otherwise called UX is all about creating product offerings that people can enjoy. You are to create a storyline on a product without distracting the audience from its use. Your story as a UX design expert grows alongside the product’s wide usage. This is a side hustle that you should try out.

Other side hustles that are penniless to start yet cash-rewarding Sis:

  • Graphic design.
  • Software development
  • Food delivery
  • Pet training.
  • Lawn mowing.

Where to Find Good Paying Side Hustles?

The internet is a hub of good paying sites to earn some extra cash on the side. Some of the online spaces to check right now are:

  1. Freelance Platforms

There are a couple of freelance talent platforms out there on the internet. These online paying sites connect gig workers with clients. A good example of such sites is Fiverr, Upwork, and Toptal.

  1. Contract Gigs

Do try out online jobs like customer service, and virtual assistant roles if you have a flexible work time. Other jobs like home maintenance offer you the liberty to earn even on weekends. Sites to get contract gigs include ZipRecruiter, Flex Jobs, Rover, and Task Rabbit.

How to Startup a Side Gig

The process of starting a side gig is not cumbersome as it requires meeting the requirements of freelance platforms. Registration on these sites can be a one-time payment or free in most cases. There is usually a registration form that must be filled correctly with identity proofs.

A side hustle should be done in free time or on weekends aside from official hours. This is to ensure that your regular job is not affected. Aside hustle ought to supplement your main stream of income.

You can opt to leave your regular salary job when your side hustle can provide a comfortable lifestyle.


The online space abounds with a lot of opportunities to take advantage of. Learning a skill or utilizing your present knowledge is sure to yield an income. Side hustles like web designing, songwriting, and 3D designing can be done without a strain on your regular job.

The fun part of a side hustle is the ability to earn from one or more skills. This is an avenue of making money without necessarily resigning form your job. Want to make $148 a day then sign up on a freelance site.

Side hustles are a viable means by which anyone in our modern society can cash out in real time daily.


  1. What is the best side hustle to try out?

Tons of cash are made daily in the digital marketing world. Side gigs like social media management, affiliate marketing, content writing, and SEO consulting yield daily pay.

  1. What is the easiest side hustle to do in 2024?

Freelancing jobs like creative writing, web designing, editing, and proofreading are readily available online. These online gigs require no capital to start up.

  1. How can I make tons of cash using AI?

You get to create, edit, use generated avatars, and customize videos that relate to your idea as an AI spokesperson.

  1. Where can a person find freelance jobs?

Freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Flex jobs connect gig workers to clients across the world.

  1. What services can I offer without any digital skills?

Side hustles like lawn mowing, pet training, and home kitchen can be done on free days and weekends. These jobs do not require any special skill or capital.

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