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Fashion in Its Peak at the Met Gala Show


Are you wondering why the media is flooded with pictures of the Met Gala dinner? Not to worry as all the spicy gist is here.

The floor of the Met Gala dinner was filled with the big wigs in the world of sports, athletics, politics, and music.

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The previous night was indeed a display of fashion down the Met Gala show night. The illusion on every dress last night was “Garden Night” 1962.

The whole idea is to make a statement with one’s dress even though it is a fundraising event.

Rihanna has in the past dressed like a pope, Katy Perry like a chandelier and Alexandria once like a fox.

The Met Gala Show has become more popular in years with Andrew Bolton at the helm of affairs.

He has however driven his point by mixing a bit of clothing with Zeitgeist.

Do feed your eyes on dresses in the Met Gala Show that made a huge statement.

Right above is Harris Reed dressed in her clear-cut design.

Lana Del Rey adorned like Alexander McQueen

Barry Keoghan caused a stir with a Burberry dress.

Wisdom Kaye attends with his an all bright red suit like dress.

Nicky Minaj made a fashion statement at the Met Gala in her Marni dress.

Most Standout Looks at the Met Gala Show

Cardi B was one of the few who made the best appearance at yesterday’s Met Gala show.

Her black gown is usually huge with a tulle train attached to it. The amazing dress is made by designer Windowsen.

She further paired her look with a black turban and green jewels. Cardi B found it hard to move up the stairs so needed helpers.

Tyla wore a Balmain dress of sand molded to fit into a fabric that clung to her body. She could not go up the stairs unassisted so got help.

The Most Daring of all at Met Gala Show

Janelle walks into the Gala show in a white sensational dress.

Amelia Gray makes a big stir with a yellow balloon-like dress.

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