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FBI Investigates Missing Art Pieces from the British Museum


It all began with an alarm by the British Museum in 2023.

The organization said Jewelry, gems, and other items of ancient descent were missing.

The FBI has stepped into the ongoing case of missing art pieces at the British Museum.

The main focus of the FBI investigation is on recent sales to persons from the United States.

Moreover, these missing pieces are most likely worth millions of dollars.

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The British broadcasting service in a bid to clamp down on the missing pieces has been of help.

BBC has put in efforts in the return of up to 268 artifacts.

The reclaimed items were obtained from a United States art collector.

However, the British Museum has received all reclaimed items.

A buyer told BBC during an interview that he received an email from an FBI officer about two art pieces he bought.

The man said he got the two artifacts on eBay.

FBI is working with the local police to investigate the missing British Museum art pieces.

FBI Probes Buyers of British Museum Artifacts

The British Art Museum has reported the recovery of 626 out of 1,500 stolen items.

Moreover, another traced 100 art pieces are yet to be recovered.

Furthermore, most of the stolen items are uncatalogued so hard to trace.

Peter Higgs (senior curator) is accused of stealing, and melting British artifacts.

He is also accused of damaging some ancient museum artifacts. However, he denies all the allegations levied against him.

The British Museum feels that Peter Higgs has in his coffers $100,000 belonging to it.

However, Dr. Higgs denied the allegation of theft.

The case between the British Museum and Peter is now sitting in court.

The Museum believes Dr. Briggs has been stealing from it for over 10 years.

Most of the items stolen are those that were unregistered.

Most of the stolen Museum items were sold on eBay.

Peter Briggs has denied all civil cases levied against him by the Museum.

There has been no arrest despite the cases against Dr. Briggs.

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