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Following XRP Lawsuit, Cathie Wood Offloads Shares in Tesla and Coinbase, Buys Meta and Robinhood


After the lawsuit of XRP ruling, Cathie Wood declared that she is still bullish on Coinbase and Bitcoin.

According to Wood’s statement yesterday Monday, July 17, what they are doing is to take their profit and reallocate capital to other shares that are performing.

Moreover, she said that the funds of Ark Investment are currently witnessing inflows since they began taking profits after purchasing at dips.

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Fast Facts

  • Yesterday, Monday, July 17, the stock price of COIN closed at 0.23% up at $105.55 amid investors’ profit bookings. The price of COIN hit $114.43 which is a 52-hour high as the stock price rallied to 33% last week as well as 213% year to date.
  • CoinGape noticed transactions carried out by Cathie Wood which shows that Ark Invest Funds has sold an overall of 24,838 COIN (Coinbase) shares amounting to $26 million as well as 45,184 TSLA (Tesla) shares amounting to $13 million yesterday July 17.
  • Meanwhile, ARKK (ARK Innovation ETF) offloaded 127,266 COIN shares, ARKW (ARK Next Generation Internet ETF) offloaded 44,784 COIN shares, and ARKF (Ark Fintech Innovation ETF) sold off 76,788 COIN shares and all of these are Cathie Woods flagship funds.

 What Happening In Crypto Today?

As of the time of this writing, Bitcoin BTC is trading at $30,017.24 with a decrease in market cap by 0.50% and an increase in volume by 47.60%.

On the other hand, Ethereum is currently trading at $1,905.46 with a decline in market cap by 0.28% and an increase in trading volume by 35.67%.

  • Meanwhile, XRP is currently trading at $0.7536 with an increase in market cap by 1.65% and a decrease in trading volume by 36.78% for the last 24 hours.
  • USD Coin price at the moment is at $1.00 with a decline in market cap by 0.79% and an increase in volume by 37.46%.
























































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