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Former FTX Co-Founder Sam Bankman Fried Bemoans His Fate


Recently, a reliable news outlet disclosed the mindset of the former collapsed FTX co-founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, after his arrest and during his enforced house arrest.

According to a Twitter post released by Bankman-Fried, he calls himself one of the most hated people in the whole world.

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In addition, he claims that he has become poor, and there isn’t anything he can do that can benefit him.

In Brief

  • Reportedly, the 31-year-old disgraced former FTX CEO wrote up to 250 pages of self-reflection during his enforced house arrest since December last year.
  • In his writings, he laments that he can do nothing to make the general public change their negative opinion of him. After the rapid collapse of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried’s cryptocurrency trading platform, he gave an extensive round of media interviews.
  • In his self-reflections thread, Bankman-Fried maintained that he had good intentions for acting the way he did. He insisted that he did what he believed was right at the time.
  • The 250 pages of Bankman-Fried’s self-reflection documents were sent to the New York Times through Tiffany Fong, a cryptocurrency influencer.
  • The documents were interlaced with personal pictures and song links belonging to Rihanna and Katy Perry. Also, in the documents, SBF blames Caroline Ellison, former co-CEO of Alameda Hedge Fund, and Sam Trabucco for FTX’s liquidity shortage, which triggered its collapse.
  • Meanwhile, the disgraced former FTX co-founder is still awaiting trial by October with the charges of numerous alleged crimes. These charges include campaign fund law violations, fraud, misuse of customer funds, and money laundering.

What’s Happening In Crypto Today?

At the time of this writing, Bitcoin is trading at $26,407.69, with a decline in its market cap by 1.04% and a decline in trading volume by 9.19%.

Ethereum is currently selling at $1,622.61, with a drop in market cap by 0.04% and a drop in trading volume by 16.77%.

  • Whereas TRON is currently trading at $0.08407, with an increase in market cap by 1.64% and a drop in trading volume by 17.85%.
  • The price of Toncoin currently is at $1.95, with an increase in market cap by 3.61% and an increase in trading volume by 1.02%.
  • On the other hand, Dai is selling at $0.9997, with a drop in market cap by 0.02% and a drop in trading volume by 30.88%.
  • Meanwhile, Polkadot is selling at $4.10, with an increase in market cap by 1.12% and a drop in trading volume by 14.28%.
  • Currently, Polygon sells at $0.519, with a drop in market cap by 0.77% and an increase in trading volume by 1.54%.









































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