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Hike in Movie Ticket Prices Boosts Nigerian Cinema’s N2.25B Revenue in Q1 2024


The Nigerian cinema industry has witnessed a remarkable surge in revenue, amassing N2.25 billion from ticket sales in the first quarter (Q1) of 2024.

This impressive figure reflects a significant increase compared to the N1.5 billion recorded in Q1 2023, marking a 46% year-on-year growth.

According to the Nigerian Box Office Year Book for 2023, published by Filmone Entertainment, this substantial revenue boost is largely attributed to a hike in movie ticket prices.

Ticket prices soared by 52%, rising from an average of N2,479 in Q1 2023 to N3,765 in Q1 2024, driving the revenue growth despite a slight decline in cinema admissions.

Key Insights from the Report

Admissions Decline:

The total number of admissions dropped by 4%, with 596,609 admissions in Q1 2024 compared to 620,477 in the same period the previous year.

This suggests that while fewer people are attending the cinemas, the increased ticket prices are compensating for the lower turnout.

Nollywood Dominance:

Nollywood films continue to dominate the Nigerian box office, accounting for 56% of the total revenue.

The highest-grossing film, “A Tribe Called Judah,” alone contributed 27% of the Q1 revenue, showcasing the strong local preference for indigenous content.

Hollywood’s Presence:

Despite Nollywood’s dominance, international films also performed well, with Warner Bros.’ “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” generating 11% of the quarterly earnings.

New Releases

The first quarter saw the release of 40 new titles, highlighting the vibrancy and productivity of Nigeria’s film industry.

What This Means for the Future

The report underscores the cinema sector’s resilience, with revenue growth driven by strategic ticket pricing and robust marketing efforts.

The ability to generate higher revenues despite reduced admissions indicates a level of price sensitivity among moviegoers but also a willingness to pay more for a cinematic experience.

Looking Ahead

The future performance of Nigeria’s cinema sector will hinge on maintaining a delicate balance between ticket pricing, the quality of film releases, and broader economic conditions.

The strong revenue performance in Q1 2024 sets a promising tone for the rest of the year, suggesting that with strategic adjustments, the sector can continue to thrive despite fluctuating admission numbers.

In summary, the hike in movie ticket prices has proven to be a double-edged sword for Nigerian cinemas—reducing the number of admissions but significantly boosting revenue.

As the industry navigates these dynamics, its continued growth will depend on how well it can balance these factors moving forward.

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