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How Montana will Benefit at The Approval of the Pro-Crypto Mining Bill


The State of Montana is likely going to enjoy great benefits if its pro-crypto mining bill is approved.

On February 23, the Montana State Senate passed a bill which is created to protect cryptocurrency miners that are operating within the state. The bill is filled with laws that will prevent the discrimination of crypto miners.

Also, the law will preserve the right to mine digital assets and halt discriminatory electricity rates that are charged to the crypto miners.

Reasons for the Pro-Crypto Mining Bill

At present, the suggested law is currently passing through Montana House of Reps. The law is seeking to protect commercial miners as well as individual miners in Montana against discriminatory laws.

This will be achieved by wiping off certain rules which may undermine their activities. Particularly, the reason for the bill is to protect the crypto miners against tax laws on digital assets utilized as a legal tender.

In addition, the bill tries to aid home cryptocurrency miners that makes use of less than 1megawatt of energy per year to do so apart from when the transaction is in violation of the laid down noise bylaws.

Also, the bill seeks to eliminate any form of energy rate classification which discriminates against digital assets and home mining businesses.

This bill comes as a result of years of joint efforts by crypto companies and lobbyists to place extra crypto-favorable regulations on record in the state.

In a statement with Cointelegraph earlier this week, Denis Porter, CEO of Satoshi Action Fund said that his non-profit organization aids shape similar policies.

According to his statement, his organization helps to provide data for regulators and lawmakers which underscores the advantages of Bitcoin mining.

Porter goes on to say that the state has a very high wind energy possibility and ranks fifth as according to the NREL.

How Will Montana Benefit?

The proponents of the bill are of the belief that if the legislation is updated, the state of Montana can attract mining firms to the state. If such is the case, the economy of the region will receive both indirect and direct boom.

While communicating with cointelegraph, Daniel Zolnikov, Montana State Senator, the chief advocate of the bill stated that embracing the digital assets sector will benefit the region greatly.

In his explanation, as the State of Montana permits crypto mining activities to forge ahead without restrictions, the State will also attract investments and businesses from the vast crypto sector.

Cryptocurrency Mining Sustainability Concerns

Zolnikov is optimistic about the bill’s benefit to small communities and towns. However, his views are not shared by everyone.

For instance; the former mayor of Plattsburgh NY Colin Read and SUNNY economics Prof. disagreed. They explained that mining firms usually fail to keep their promises of providing jobs.

Furthermore, the situation may lead to an influx of many crypto mining corporations and this can cause sustainability and energy challenges. He cited the state of New York as an instance which has to suffered similar issues.

Also, states like Texas has experienced the challenges of sustainable power supply where there numerous crypto-mining business operations.

A Tender Balancing Act

The Montana state pro-cryptocurrency mining bill is set to motivate further crypto mining enterprises to set up their business in the state.

On the other hand, the approval expected to deliver certain positive transformations to the state although initial problems may occur such as; sustainable energy and eco-friendly issues.

But they can be accommodated since the state has a wide range of non-renewable and renewable energy sources which they can utilize for energy.

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