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How to Create a Content Calendar for a TikTok Account on Reviewing Real Estates listings.


Creating a content calendar for a TikTok account focused on reviewing real estate listings involves planning engaging, informative, and visually appealing content.

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Here’s a suggested monthly content calendar with a variety of content types to keep your audience interested:

Focus on Luxury Properties (1st week on TikTok)

  • Monday: Luxury Listing Highlight – Showcase a luxury property with a tour video. Include key features like the pool, home theater, and gourmet kitchen.
  • Tuesday: Top 5 Features – List the top 5 features of yesterday’s luxury property. Use text overlays and voiceovers for a dynamic presentation.
  • Wednesday: Behind the Scenes – Share behind-the-scenes footage of the property tour, including bloopers or funny moments.
  • Thursday: Market Insights – Discuss trends in the luxury real estate market. Highlight how these properties perform in terms of investment.
  • Friday: Q&A Session – Answer followers’ questions about luxury properties. Use the “Reply with Video” feature to respond to comments.
  • Saturday: Comparative Review – Compare two luxury properties in the same price range. Discuss pros and cons.
  • Sunday: Poll/Engagement Post – Create a poll asking followers which luxury feature they prefer (e.g., home theater vs. wine cellar).

Mid-Range Family Homes (2nd week on TikTok)

  • Monday: Mid-Range Home Highlight – Tour a family-friendly home in the mid-range budget. Focus on practical features like schools nearby, backyard space, and safe neighborhood.
  • Tuesday: Neighborhood Tour – Show the neighborhood around the home. Highlight parks, schools, and local amenities.
  • Wednesday: Family Home Tips – Share tips on what to look for when buying a family home. Cover aspects like proximity to schools and child-friendly spaces.
  • Thursday: Guest Expert – Collaborate with a real estate agent to discuss what makes a good family home and the buying process.
  • Friday: Before & After – Feature a home that has been recently renovated. Show before and after footage with details on improvements made.
  • Saturday: Testimonial – Interview a family who recently bought a home in the area. Discuss their experience and satisfaction.
  • Sunday: Live Tour- Conduct a live walkthrough of a new family home listing. Engage with viewers by answering questions in real-time.

Affordable Starter Homes (3rd week)

  • Monday: Affordable Home Highlight – Showcase an affordable starter home. Focus on value-for-money features.
  • Tuesday: DIY Tips – Share simple and affordable DIY tips for new homeowners. Ideas on how to personalize their space without breaking the bank.
  • Wednesday: Financing Advice – Provide tips on how to finance a first home. Discuss options like FHA loans, down payment assistance, and budgeting.
  • Thursday: Feature Follower Questions – Pick questions from followers about buying starter homes and answer them in a video.
  • Friday: Pros and Cons – Discuss the pros and cons of buying a starter home vs. renting. Use real-life examples and statistics.
  • Saturday: Local Market Spotlight – Highlight a specific market known for affordable starter homes. Discuss why it’s a good place for first-time buyers.
  • Sunday: Interactive Post – Ask followers to share their first home-buying experiences or what they’re looking for in a starter home.

Unique & Unusual Properties (4th week)

  • Monday: Unique Property Highlight – Feature a quirky or unusual property. This could be a tiny house, houseboat, or converted warehouse.
  • Tuesday: Historical Homes – Showcase a historical home and share interesting facts about its history and architecture.
  • Wednesday: Green Homes – Highlight an eco-friendly home with sustainable features. Discuss the benefits of green living.
  • Thursday: Real Estate Myths – Debunk common real estate myths. For example, clarify misconceptions about unique properties’ market value.
  • Friday: Architecture Focus – Discuss different architectural styles. Feature examples and explain their unique characteristics.
  • Saturday: Weekend Getaway Homes – Feature homes that would make great weekend getaways or vacation rentals. Highlight unique locations and amenities.
  • Sunday: Interactive Challenge – Challenge Tiktok followers to find the most unique property on their local market and share it with a specific hashtag.

Additional Content Ideas:

  • Monthly Recap: At the end of each month, create a recap of the top properties reviewed.
  • Giveaways: Collaborate with local businesses for giveaways on TikTok (e.g., home decor, gift cards)
  • Trend Analysis: Discuss upcoming trends in real estate and predictions for the market.
  • User-Generated Content: Encourage followers to share their home tours or reviews and feature the best ones on your channel.

Also, diversifying your content and engaging with your audience through various interactive formats, you can build a loyal following and establish your TikTok account as a go-to resource for real estate reviews.



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