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How to Make Money with Your Smartphone


The emergence of advanced technologies in the twenty-first century has changed the perspective towards money making.

It is an era of digitalization; most things worldwide have gone digital, including the reading library.

With smartphones, people get connected from far and near to reach business deals or exchange concepts.

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Moreover, smartphones can create supplementary income or help run a traditional business.

An individual with a smartphone has a mini office and can run various businesses or perform monetary tasks.

The online space has a lot of money-making opportunities, and with your smartphone, you can plug in to make extra cash.

If you want an extra income source, read this article carefully to discover some.

Some Income Sources through a Smartphone

Social Media Manager

As the world has gone digital, most brands are taking their businesses to the online space to gain brand visibility.

Again, brands also use social media platforms to market their products to potential customers to increase sales.

This has created a demand for social media managers to manage brands’ accounts to make them remain active.

Social media managers organize brand posts and react with comments from followers to ensure engagement.

Moreover, as a social media manager, you must know how each platform works or master one.

This will help your clients’ posts go viral and reach potential customers on social media.

If you have social media management skills, you can help businesses manage their social accounts.

All you need to do is advertise your skills by using word-of-mouth or creating content around the skills.

This will help to advertise you online. You can also render some selfless services to brands and get recommendations.

According to a post in Jobberman, a social media manager can earn N 100 000 monthly.

However, the earnings can be less or more than this, depending on your experience and competence.

You can also work for multiple clients if you are working independently.

Create and Sell Digital Products

Remarkably, with your smartphone, you can convert your knowledge of football, singing, or any useful knowledge to money.

You can put them into PDF or video files and market them on social media platforms like WhatsApp.

Again, you can also market your products through online sales platforms and pay marketers on a commission basis.

These digital product marketplaces include Amazon, DigiStore24, Expertnaire, Digitstem, Learnoflix, and many more.

Copywriting for Brands

Brands always look for copywriters to help them create sales copy for their contact lists and potential customers.

It is an act of marketing that uses words, stories, or emotional writings to promote products to customers.

With your smartphone, you can easily create persuasive and compelling sales copies for businesses using AI tools.

Some AI tools include, Copysmith, and Jasper AI, among others.

The tools can help you generate compelling captions, descriptions, etc., for Facebook posts, websites, or Instagram posts.

You can add a human feel to the generated content so readers can find it interesting.

However, you must learn the skills of competent copywriters to be a professional.


The internet has made it easy for goods to be sold from any part of the world.

With your smartphone, you can sell other people’s goods online via your blog, WhatsApp or Facebook and make money.

Dropshipping allows you to start a business with little or no capital and limited risks.

Owners of the goods bear most of the risks; you only add an extra amount to the products and promote them.

A drop shipper can get goods directly from wholesalers or through online platforms like Jumia, Konga, Aliexpress, or Alibaba.

If you have money, you can run sponsored ads on social media for the products to increase your sales.

Freelancing Services

You can offer your services to clients worldwide using your smartphone and make money.

With freelancing, you are an independent contractor who works on a case-by-case basis.

Sign up with freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, LinkedIn, etc., to connect with a client.

The process is easy; on these platforms, you can see and bid for available projects.

You can also state your charges and project completion time.


You can start making money on your smartphone by creating interesting video content through Vlogging.

Sign up with social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook, and build followers through your content.

When your account grows, you can make money by posting sponsored ads from businesses on your account.

You can also earn passive income from shared ad revenue from social media companies.

Offer Language Translation Services

You can make extra income by translating languages if you know more than one official language.

Business owners who seek to make their businesses become international brands seek language translators.

As a language translator, you can help brands translate scripts for media processing and product manuals.

You can use your smartphone to sign up with online platforms that offer language translation gigs.

Some online platforms are Gengo, TransPerfect, Unbabel, LanguageLine, etc.

Become a Mystery Shopper

Most brands request feedback on the quality of their product or services to know how they can improve.

A mystery shopper poses as a real customer to assess a shopping mall or store and report the experience.

You can make between $3 to $100 using a smartphone as a mystery shopper by signing up with a platform like Gigwalk.

You must download the Gigwalk app from an app store, register, and link your PayPal Account.

However, this may require visiting some physical stores in your location.

Online Consultation Service

If you are competent in your field, you can start an online consulting service using your smartphone.

With Google Meet, WhatsApp, Telegram, or Zoom, you can deliver your expertise to clients and get paid.

On average, a one-on-one session with a client can last between 30 minutes to an hour.

Create content around the field of interest to educate people and advertise yourself.

You can do this by making audio, videos, or pdf and sharing them with friends or social media followers.

Virtual Assistance Service

Brands hire virtual assistants to help them handle some of their day-to-day tasks while they perform other tasks.

You can make money from your phone if you have management, administrative, or communication skills.

In this case, you can be employed on a contract basis, unlike independent freelancers who work remotely.

You can apply for a virtual assistance job through online platforms like Belay, Fancy Hands, and Zirtual.

Affiliate Marketing

The emergence of technology has improved the marketing of goods and services.

An affiliate marketer promotes goods and services and earns a commission when purchased.

You can easily promote goods and services with your smartphone by sharing unique affiliate links.

These links can be shared with families, friends, and social media followers or through blogging to website visitors.

Some affiliate marketing platforms include CJ Affiliate, JVZoo, Expertnaire, Selar, Learnoflix, Digitstem, Digistore24, etc.

Make Money Playing Games

With smartphones, game lovers can make money online playing games while entertaining themselves.

Mistplay, a play-and-earn gaming platform, allows users to play games on their smartphones.

Players earn rewards in gift cards as they level up while playing games and redeem the rewards through Amazon, iTunes, etc.

Make money Writing e-Books.

Making money by writing a book is made easy through the help of modern technologies without a physical publisher.

Using typing tools like WPS, you can use your smartphone to write a digital book (e-book) without a PC.

Interestingly, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon KDP), Blurb, and Barnes & Noble Press offer online publishing of electronic books.

With Amazon KDP, you can publish multiple e-books with your phone freely and make money when sold.

Make Money through Songfinch

Music lovers can make money through their smartphones by writing songs and producing music.

A music platform, Songfinch, allows individuals to earn money by writing songs or making music.

In the platform, artists are given full rights to their works and can work at their convenience.

Music artists make money when people order songs from Songfinch and can make up to $80,000 a year.


Individuals devoted to making money online using their smartphones have many opportunities available.

They are affiliate marketing, dropshipping, Amazon KDP, virtual assistance, and online consultant services.

No matter your interests, you will find something to do with your phone to make a supplementary income.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I start making money with my Android phone?

People can make money from their Android phones through investment apps, freelancing, Logo making, trading cryptocurrencies, etc.

  1. How can you make money for free online?

People cannot make money for free online as making an income online also requires time and energy.

So, it is not free.

  1. How can I make money from Facebook?

Everyone willing to make Money from Facebook can promote affiliate links, goods, and services.









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