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“I hope you’re so proud of me” – Toke Makinwa says as she gives her Mum her flowers at her perfume launch


Radio personality and TV host, Toke Makinwa recently unveiled her latest unisex perfume collection under the label Toke Makinwa Beauty.

The event took place at the RJ4, Victoria Island, with a host of celebrities and fans present at the perfume launch.

The Lagos State Commissioner for Arts and Culture, Toke Benson-Awoyinka was live at the event.

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At the launch of her new perfume, Makinwa took a moment to thank her mother for pushing her to success.

The TV host, Makinwa gave the inspiration behind each scent in her opening speech. She pointed out that anyone who knows her should be aware of her interest in perfumes.

Makinwa Recalls her Childhood Memories and the Role in her Success Story

Makinwa has never been afraid of her modest beginnings or academic challenges.

She remembered a time in her childhood when she tampered with her results on the report card from 52nd to 2nd.

She said that she was always at the bottom of the class, and in the last position one time.

One time, Makinwa felt she was smart by changing her results, deleting the “5” from 52nd on the report card.

She proudly returned home to show her parents her improved success in academics after always being at the bottom of her class.

Toke Makinwa’s mother punished her quickly as soon as she returned home and handed in the report card, she admitted.

Makinwa proceeded to appreciate her mother for always encouraging her to study and be better. She said her Mum who believed in her would always advise her that reading books isn’t that difficult.

Makinwa admitted her poor academic back in those days, but she’s now launched a perfume brand.

That was a milestone for the thespian despite her academic struggles and she wished her Mum was proud of her. Makinwa’s mother who sat in the congregation acknowledged that her efforts weren’t in vain after all and wished her well.

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