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In collaboration with the fintech startup Moniepoint, CAC has commenced the registration of two million SMS enterprises.


Last week, the CAC revealed their plan to initiate the registration of two million (2m) small organizations in partnership with Moniepoint, a fintech corporation.

The Commission boss said that social media and content material creators are producing cash without paying any atom of tax to Nigeria.

The Corporate Affairs Commission has entreated social media content material creators, Instagram customers, and TikTok customers with numerous fans to sign in their firms with the Corporate Affairs body according to Act 2020 in the ‘Company & Allied Matters.’

This registration plan is by the FIRS-Federal Inland Revenue Services’ to bring online content creators and influencers to pay taxes.

Hussaini Magaji, the CAC (Registrar General), made up his mind on Tuesday after a visit by Dauda Gotring, the Managing Director of Opay, and his group in Abuja.

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The purpose of the visit from the (Opay) crew was to ensure the regularisation of three hundred thousand (300,000) sellers and dealers with the corporate body (CAC). This move will increase the tax net, inspire groups, and create more job opportunities for Nigerians.


According to data from correct sources, the registrar general, the CAC opted that the media sectors plus content developers are making large amounts of money without giving anything to the government.

This action to commence the registration is in response to claims made by the Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS).

From their observation, tax payments should be by influencers and producers of internet material.

Contributions from all sectors of the economy could boost the standard of living of the populace and encourage economic growth and development.

The CAC hopes to establish a strong foundation for long-term growth and prosperity by formalizing and empowering the expanding small company sector through a strategic partnership with Moniepoint Micro Finance Bank.

For accomplishing tax collections, economic progress, and regulatory compliance, a collaboration with Moniepont will expedite the registration procedure. It will also ensure that no part of the economy is left out.

The registration procedure will achieve the goal of getting more micro, small, and medium-sized businesses included in the official banking system.

Government funding packages are accessible to small enterprises upon official registration with the CAC, and these funding options will encourage their taking a more active position in Nigeria’s economic structure.

Nigeria, however, finds it hard to register small businesses, which is discouraging.

However, to free up growth in top industries and job places, the CAC is pushing all unregistered organizations to take advantage of this chance to integrate more mini-sized firms into the mainstream financial and regulatory system.

This partnership between the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and Monie Point Micro Finance Bank will empower and legalize the small business sectors in Nigeria.

This initiative supports the government’s Renewed Hope Agenda, led by Ahmed Tinubu, the general head of State, and aims to foster a favorable business environment for growth and employment in Nigeria.



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