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Innovative United Kingdom Startup To Introduce Digital Marketplace for 3-D Car Parts


A local startup is preparing to launch a cutting-edge business that can offer a landmark digital marketplace for 3-D printable car parts.

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The Cheshire-based Sci-Tech Auntentica Car Parts has created an enabling platform for OEMs like manufacturers and car designers to sell car spare parts designs to repair centres, distributors, and authorized dealers.

The Authentic Car Parts is the first solution that allows NFTs (non-fungible tokens) based on blockchain-certified and protected design assets to be printed in 3D locally.

In addition, this latest business model provides affordable, faster, as well as more sustainable production spare parts.

Fast Facts

  • The new platform developed by the Daresbury startup intends to save up to 70% of the non-production cost to minimize transportation emissions by 40%.
  • The local startup has developed collaboration with the University of Sheffield AMRC (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre) and Oracle, a cloud technology company.
  • The partnership allows investors immediate access to car spare parts, unlike the 28 days, which is the industry standard.
  • Furthermore, with funding from Innovative United Kingdom, the UK’s national innovation agency, the local startup was tested successfully with 500 customers.
  • The testing comprises car dealers, OEMs, and a global network of 600 3D-printing service providers.
  • Meanwhile, by November 1st this year, Autentica Car Parts will be launched at a specific whole-day occasion at Sci-Tech Daresbury.
  • The event will feature presentations, keynote speeches, live platform demonstrations, and roundtable discussions.
  • Before the launch ceremony, the CEO of Autentica Car Parts, Irma Gilbert, disclosed the challenges faced by the automotive spare parts supply chain internationally.
  • Gilbert revealed that globally, the supply chain faces various perennial issues like expensive warehouse storage of spare parts, low-risk resilience because of cross-border logistics that significantly affect delivery times, and costly transport costs because of time-intensive production and shipping.

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