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Just Like Coinbase, Kraken, and Crypto.Com Relists XRP After US Court Ruling


Following the positive result of the US court ruling in favor of Ripple, top crypto exchanges like Bitstamp, Kraken, and has relisted the native coin of Ripple XRP on their platforms.

This comes after Coinbase announced its intention to re-offer XRP on its platform.

Previously, a United States District Court presided over by Judge Analisa Torres made a preliminary ruling in favor of XRP in the case between the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple.

The ruling states that XRP can’t be categorized as a security by default unless in situations like; when it is used to collect funds from institutions.

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In A Brief

  • Although the case didn’t handle the secondary XRP sales, the ruling implies that XRP is not a security.
  • This preliminary judgment encouraged the other top exchanges within the crypto community and led the top players in the industry to relist XRP tokens in their platforms.
  • Many people within the crypto space welcomed the court judgment. Even Kraken’s CLO (Chief Legal Officer) announced that the community views the ruling as the first step to concrete legal clarity regarding cryptos in the United States. “With this clarity, the community can now recruit, strategize, and invest in their home country,” says Santori.
  • Following Coinbase’s declaration to relist XRP on its platform after the positive court ruling, Bitstamp,, and Kraken have followed suit.
  • In addition, Gemini is also showing interest in joining the top exchanges to reintroduce XRP on its platform. Even Cameron Winklevoss, Gemini co-founder was very vocal about his views on Twitter.

What’s Happening In Crypto?

Remarkably, the declarations of top crypto exchanges to relist XRP on their platforms have increased the value of XRP. As of the time of this writing, its market cap increased by 62.88% with an increase in volume of 1894.63% at the price of $0.7705.

Gemini Dollar on the other hand trades at $0.9962 with an increase in market cap by 0.66% and an increase in volume by 58.84%.

Meanwhile, KuCoin trades at $6.24, with an increase in market cap by 2.74% and an increase in trading volume by 168.13%.




















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