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Kanye West Charge to Court for S3xual Har@ssment


Lauren Pisciotta has charged Kanye West in court. She served as West’s assistant. However, things went sour between them.

She recently filed a case ag#inst her former boss, Kanye West, on two counts. Lauren is accusing Kanye West of s3xual harassment and a breach of work contract.

According to Lauren’s lawsuit, West had sent her uncouth messages several times. Lauren also said Kanye West had done s#x acts while on the cell phone.

West refuted all of Lauren’s accusations. He has also vowed to counter all charges levied ag@inst him by his former assistant.

The legal representative of West rebuffs all of Lauren’s accusations ag@inst West. Instead, Kanye’s lawyer calls Lauren’s act blackmail.

Also, the attorney believed that Lauren was an extortionist, tagging her as an embittered woman due to Kanye West’s rejection.

Relationship Gone Soar Between Kanye West and Former Assistant

Lauren Pisciotta worked with West for a year. She started on Kanye West Fashion Line. Later, she became the rapper’s assistant, earning $1 million per annum.

Lauren claimed that West frequently har@ssed her all through 2021 and 2022.

Furthermore, she said Kanye m@st*rbated while on the phone with her.

She also said Kanye had once m@st*rbated right in front of her on the plane.

The whole situation exploded when Lauren was fired in 2022. However, she did not receive any compensation.

West’s lawyer countered Lauren’s story at the court on no compensation. He said that Lauren demanded an increase in yearly salary to $4 million.

The lawyer further said that West could not pay such a vast sum and had to s@ck Lauren.

He added that Lauren had used s#xual coercion to demand expensive items from Kanye West.

Some of the items Lauren had demanded were designer bags and even a Lamborghini ride.

Currently, Lauren has refused every form of interview from news correspondents.

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