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Kraken Considers Pre-IPO Funding Round Before Potential Public Offering


US-based crypto exchange Kraken might be setting its sights on a public debut.

According to reports, Kraken is planning a pre-IPO fundraising round that could last till this year’s end.

This could be a significant step towards a potential initial public offering (IPO), allowing investors to get a piece of the booming crypto exchange.

Will Kraken officially go public?

Crypto Exchange Kraken Seeks $100 Million in Funding, Despite SEC Accusations.

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Kraken is making waves with a potential move towards a stock market listing.

Reports reveal the crypto exchange intends to raise over $100 million from investors in a funding round before a possible Initial Public Offering (IPO).

For context, an IPO allows a company to sell shares of ownership to the public for the first time.

This news comes amidst a renewed surge in cryptocurrency prices and a shift in regulatory attitudes.

Investors are showing increased interest in Kraken with the crypto market heating up.

Moreover, Kraken has always wanted to become a public company since 2021.

This new funding round shows they are now seriously working towards that goal.

However, Kraken’s path to a public debut isn’t entirely smooth.

The crypto exchange has faced legal challenges from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

According to a source, the agency charges Kraken with two cases.

The SEC accused Kraken of running an unregistered securities broker and operating an exchange without proper registration.

Notably, these accusations are similar to what Coinbase, the biggest crypto exchange in the US faced.

While some of these issues have been resolved, others are still ongoing.

Despite these hurdles, Kraken seems determined to push forward with its IPO plans.

But will Kraken become the next big cryptocurrency company to hit the stock market?

Only time will tell. Nonetheless, this significant fundraising round clearly shows that Kraken aims for a bright future in the public market.

Robinhood Expands Crypto Options with $200M Bitstamp Acquisition.

Similar to Kraken, other exchanges are making strategic moves.

Popular stock trading marketplace Robinhood is diving deeper into the global crypto market with a big acquisition.

The platform announced a deal to buy Bitstamp, a well-established crypto exchange, for $200 million in cash.

This move is all about Robinhood reaching new horizons.

By joining forces with Bitstamp, Robinhood Crypto will be able to offer its services to a much larger audience around the world.

Moreover, Bitstamp has special licenses that allow it to operate in places like the European Union, the United Kingdom, and even parts of Asia.

This means people in many new countries can now use Robinhood to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Both companies believe this deal is a win-win for everyone involved.

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