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Massive Exodus for Crypto Community as Elon Musk’s TweetDeck Restricts Access


This past few days, Elon Musk made some changes abruptly on the social media platform.

Musk reduced the number of Twitter posts that users can view daily to prevent data scraping.

As a result of the change, users can only access their saved workflows and searches by choosing “Try the new TweetDeck.”

Moreover, since it is an exclusive feature of Twitter Blue, it is only Twitter Blue users are allowed to go on accessing it after 30 days.

Furthermore, the changes need users to log in first before reading tweets.

The changes also stated limits on viewing Twitter posts and limiting access to other products for unverified users.

This latest change has a great impact on everyone that uses Twitter.

However, there is an outcry today from TweetDeck users who are reporting serious issues.

This includes; notifications as well as entire columns refusing to load.

How Are Users Handling The matter?

The crypto community is blasting Twitter and Elon Musk for imposing such restrictions as “rate limits” which prevents them from viewing as many tweets as they can in a day.

As per the change, only verified accounts can view up to 6000 posts daily.

Whereas unverified accounts can only read 600 posts and new unverified accounts are only allowed to read 300 posts per day.

This abrupt change by the large social media network and Musk has made some of its users exit the platform and go over to other platforms.

As a result, Twitter noticed a huge drop in its active users while many of its users are moving on to Jack Dorsey-backed Bluesky.

Even, the largest community on Twitter, Crypto Twitter is also planning to move on to other social media platforms due to the TweetDeck restrictions and “rate limit”.

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All about TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a feature of Twitter that allows for multiple tweets at the same time in real-time. It allows Twitter users to keep track of various accounts.

The feature is a popular one on Twitter and was previously a free account management tool.

It enables users to create different columns to monitor tweets easily.

TweetDeck has been trending for new businesses and organizations in recent times.

But the feature seems to be affected by this latest Twitter-implemented “reading limit restriction”.




















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